Beautiful DIY Ombre Lamps

Ombre pieces are very fashionable now, you can make one yourself without any problems. For an ombre lamp you’ll need 8 inch glass pendant light, Martha Stewart Glass Paint Spray System, Martha Stewart Opaque Metallic Glass Paint in Champagne, Martha Stewart Translucent Frost Glass Paint in Pink Flamingo,  rubbing alcohol, cotton squares, tissue paper, small mixing bowl, painter’s tape, scissors, a ruler. First, clean glass globe surface with rubbing alcohol and a cotton square. Lay the glass globe on its flat side and measure four inches up from the table surface with a ruler. Lay tissue paper into the mixing bowl and place the glass globe right side up. Spray a light layer around the glass globe, after that change the spray system to the pink flamingo paint, paint as many layers as you want and let dry. Remove the painter’s tape and hang the piece where you want.

Source: designlovefest

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