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Beautiful DIY Concrete Fire Bowls For Cool Atmosphere

It’s winter, we all look for things to warm our space and souls. What can be better than sitting around the fire with your family and friends? If you don’t have a fireplace at home – then you may use a fire bowl. This project will take just 30 minutes to make. The materials are Sakrete Quickset Concrete, a bunch of rocks, a plastic bowl, a large canned good, chafing dish gel fuel pack, PAM cooking spray, newspaper, plastic tub for mixing concrete, stick to stir concrete. Measure out your concrete, add water and stir it. Spray PAM all over your mold and canned good. Pour concrete into mold. At the 17 minute mark, cover top of mold with stack of newspaper. Carefully place loose rocks along rim of concrete form. Drop fire gel pack in center hole and light it, enjoy the ambiance. For a more detailed instruction look here.


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  1. karen ho fatt Says:

    Nice little project. Fun and easy to do it appears-for adults and kids. Should keep anyone busy on any weekend.Publisher, familyfirepit.com

  2. Wall Flower Studio Says:

    What a great project. I’d really like to try this!

  3. jan Says:

    I love these fire bowls! I went shopping and could not find the Sak Creek concrete so I use quick drying concrete. My bowls did not come out as pretty and smooth as yours. Is this because I used the wrong concrete.
    I use my microphone so excuse the misspellings!
    thank you so much for your help have a great day, Jan

  4. debbie smith Says:

    Where can you buy the fire gel pack?

  5. debbie smith Says:

    where can i buy the fire gel pack?

  6. Rick Says:

    The “fire gel” is Sterno, though there maybe other brands out there. You can get them almost anywhere, Walmart, most grocery stores, many full service pharmacies like Walgreens. Ask for sterno or chafing dish fuel.

  7. Donna Says:


  8. Rose Hill Says:

    Now that’s a really cool, easy and inexpensive project. Added to my to-do list before our next garden party:)! Love it!

  9. Alissa Says:

    Can someone elaborate? How can you use concrete with all of the little rocks in it? The picture shows a smooth fireable if I use concrete there will be a whole bunch of tiny rocks inside.

  10. Alissa Says:

    Can someone elaborate? How can you use concrete with all of the rocks inside? The picture shows a smooth fire bowl and if using concrete it would have small rocks throughout it

  11. Cheryl Says:

    You can also purchase liquid gel and keep refilling an empty can in the hole. Love your idea!

  12. Laura Kay Says:

    You have to sand the concrete after it’s dry to get the smooth finish. The TYPE of concrete you use makes a big difference too. Don’t use the kind with rocks. I saw that trick on another tutorial making awesome concrete stuff out of molds. You don’t HAVE to use quick dry but MAKE SURE YOU TAP THR BOWL TO GET ALL THE BUBBLES OUT. THIS HAS A HUGE INFLUENCE ON YOUR SMOOTH FINISH.

    Also. You can cover the bowl with a fine grain sand or mosaic tile bits to get a totally different look if smoothness is NOT HAPPENING!! METALLIC OR CLEAR GRAINS WOULF BE GORGEOUS!!!

  13. Laura Kay Says:

    Excuse my “smart phone’s” spelling corrections please. :D

  14. Greg Says:

    The gel fuel cams are online for $35 for a six pack

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