Beautiful DIY Concrete Fire Bowls For Cool Atmosphere

It’s winter, we all look for things to warm our space and souls. What can be better than sitting around the fire with your family and friends? If you don’t have a fireplace at home – then you may use a fire bowl. This project will take just 30 minutes to make. The materials are Sakrete Quickset Concrete, a bunch of rocks, a plastic bowl, a large canned good, chafing dish gel fuel pack, PAM cooking spray, newspaper, plastic tub for mixing concrete, stick to stir concrete. Measure out your concrete, add water and stir it. Spray PAM all over your mold and canned good. Pour concrete into mold. At the 17 minute mark, cover top of mold with stack of newspaper. Carefully place loose rocks along rim of concrete form. Drop fire gel pack in center hole and light it, enjoy the ambiance. For a more detailed instruction look here.

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