Awesome DIY Ombre Glass Ornaments For Winter Decor

Guys, have you already started thinking of Christmas? How and where to spend the main holiday of the year and then New Year maybe? How to decorate the house and the Christmas tree, of course? Here’s an idea! Take DecoArt transparent Glass Stain, clear glass ornaments, string, a small round bowl to dip the ornament in, and a paper grocery bag to catch any drips. Clean outside of ornament with a damp cloth, empty out an entire bottle of glass stain into your dish. Knot a loop on the one end to hang the ornament while the paint dries. Wrap string around your hand and fingers and submerge ornament into the paint about halfway. Pull out, letting paint drip off, then submerge again about 1/3 of the way. Pull ornament out, then submerge in smaller increments. Hang the ornament over a paper grocery bag to drip-dry. While the paint is wet, gently wipe this off with your fingertip. Cover any leftover paint with plastic wrap. When the first layer of stain is completely dried, dip the lower 1/4 your ornament back in to deepen the color. Let dry and decorate your mantle, shelves and tree with these awesome pieces!

Source: ambrosiagirl

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