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Trendy DIY Color Blocked Cat Scratcher

If you have a cat or cats, a good scratcher is right what you need! But let’s make not a usual but a trendy one – a color blocked scratcher, prepare 18″ round wood circle, 4×4 wooden fence post, a drill and long wood screws, white 4×4″ post cap, white paint, 150 ft of 1/4″ nylon rope, pink and... More

Pretty Spring-Inspired DIY Clock Renovation

Want to renovate your clock easily and fast or even make a new one for this spring? We are looking forward to share an idea that we’ve found on BumbleBreeBlog, you’ll need a broken clock or outdated clock face, handmade paper, Mod Podge, clock parts, scissors and X-Acto knife. To start your project take your clock face and... More

10 Easy DIY Easter Signs In Different Styles And Colors

No holiday should come without a sign reminding of it! Signs are perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to decorate for any season and holiday. It’s time to think over Easter décor and get ready for it not to hurry up when it comes. What signs are great for Easter? Of course, those with bunnies, chickens and eggs! Take old... More

Colorful DIY Air Dry Clay Jewelry Dishes

I just can’t get enough of those jewelry dishes! I have lots of accessories and these holders and dishes are so cute that I just can’t stop making new ones! The piece that inspired me today is coming from JourneyCreativity blog and it’s an air dry clay dish or dishes if you need some. Take your clay and form a ball; then... More

Stylish Yet Simple DIY Leather Key Ring

This key ring is a simple and stylish piece for you or for anyone you love – as a gift, it can be useful both for girls and guys due to its universal design. You’ll need scraps of leather, metal letter stamps, split rings, rivets, a rotary punch, a hammer, scissors and a metallic paint pen. Using scissors cut the leather... More

9 DIY Easter Art Pieces From Different Materials

Easter is far but you can always make some decorations and gifts beforehand. Today I’ve rounded up some cool art pieces that you can easily make and even your kids can! The most popular things are bunnies or eggs, so you can cross stitch them, print, paint or make something more original. For examples, make an egg art piece... More

Colorful DIY Marble Art Piece For Decor

Marble décor pieces are very stylish and look cute, so let’s make one ourselves! You’ll need acrylic paints in your choice, plastic bottles, Liquitex Pouring Medium, a canvas, sticks for stirring, a baking tray, baking paper, aluminium foil. First you need to decide on paint colors, just grab a scrap of paper and paint... More

DIY Spray Painted Concrete Planters

Concrete planters are very actual for modern décor because they are cool, simple and minimalist. We’ve already made some, and here’s one more stylish idea. Prepare a carton, 2 parts of quick-drying cement, 1 part water, a bowl, a spoon, masking tape, spray paint, scissors, a toilet paper roll and pebbles. Open and clean... More

9 DIY Botanical Projects To Welcome Spring In Your Home

It’s spring and it’s time of blooms, birds’ songs and aromas. Bring spring vibe inside! Of course, you can do it with flowers but they wither fast. Another way to do that is to rock botanical prints in home décor – that’s for long and looks cool. Take herbs and leaves and frame them – that’s an eye-catching wall... More

Stylish DIY Stump Bedside Table In 2 Versions

We’ve already told you of cool stump furniture, and here’s one more cool projects to the list. To make these bedside tables you will need: thick ropes, thin and soft rope, hot glue, tape, a wood drill, black paint, 4-pin plastic mounting screws. First of all, screw the ends of the rope, cover them with tape. Drill holes in... More