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DIY Accordion Book Travel Postcard

Postcards are really fun souvenirs to send while you’re travelling, but you can only do so much personalization, right? Fill it with photos, memories, and little tidbits from your journey, and your recipient will be wonderfully surprised! The supplies are a square kraft gift box, cardstock paper, chipboard stickers, ribbon... More

Cheerful DIY Paper Mache Pineapple Tray

We’ve already shared some pineapple crafts to rock and enjoy this summer, and here’s one more tutorial with such a print. The supplies are cardboard and newspaper, flour, water, mixing bowl and whisk, masking tape, a pencil, ruler, and craft knife, acrylic paint, brushes, and palette, gesso, mod podge. Sketch out your tray... More

5 Cool DIY IKEA Ranarp Lamp Hacks You’ll Like

Ranarp IKEA lamp is a cool piece suitable for any modern interior. There are several versions of it: pendant, wall, table, which makes it easier to find your own edition. But as all the IKEA items, Ranarp may seem too simple and impersonal to you, so may want to change it a bit and add your own touches. The first idea is to... More

Stylish DIY Clay Cactus Ring Holder

Cacti are amazing and no less trendy than succulents today! Let’s make this one from polymer clay to store your jewelry, you’ll need polymer clay, white, green paint, paintbrushes, clear acrylic spray paint, glossy. First, separate a piece of clay in half and set one aside. With one piece, mold the clay into a cone that is... More

Original DIY Wall Clock From An Old Vinyl Record

A couple of old vinyls? Turn them into original clocks! Besides a vinyl record you’ll need 6 mm clock mechanism, 65 & 85 mm black clock hands, a mounting hook, mounting tape/ 2-part epoxy glue, thick cardboard cut into 1cm x 2cm pieces, if needed for thickness. Gently scratch the record’s center hole by spinning an old... More

13 Adorable DIY Baby Blankets From Fabric

Waiting for a little miracle in your family? Then perhaps you are actively preparing a nursery for your little one, and this is not only about décor, storage or toys, you’ll need so many other things! Bedding is one of the important parts for your baby’s crib or bed, and today I’d like to share several baby blanket... More

DIY Bathroom Storage Bags From Fabric

These bathroom storage bags are right what you need to organize all the stuff you have! Prepare thick white cotton, metallic silver-iron on vinyl, a sewing machine, white machine thread, scissors, an iron, all purpose glue, cork sheet or really thick card, tape measure, a compass. Cut the thick cotton material into rectangles,... More

Easy And Fast DIY Colorful Washi Tape Clock

Creative clocks are the right pieces to make an accent and you can make one easily! Let’s craft this idea from unleashcreative.com.au. You’ll need washi tape in a range of colors and patterns, a round or square pre-cut MDF shape, a clock mechanism, clock hands, thick cardboard, a scalpel knife, a drill, black card stock, a... More

10 DIY Mopping Solutions For Various Floor Types

Making your home floor cleaner can be essential for some reasons: you have somebody with an allergy in your family; you have kids or pets who play or lie on the floors; the floor cover can be damaged by chemicals if you use them. So, let’s make a couple of mopping solutions for your home! Be attentive with your floor type as... More

Simple DIY Sofa Caddie From Wooden Planks

Remember we told you about sofa caddies and holders? This is one more project to that list, and I’m sure you’ll love it! Prepare some wood: a wooden top, two 70 cm planks, two 30 cm planks and two 34 cm planks. Now take these planks and just attach them to each other at an angle using screws or nails. As the caddy isn’t... More

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