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DIY Emroidered Metal Candleholders

Got a couple of cool candleholders that you want to refashion? Let’s turn them into unique ones embroidering them! You’ll need colorful embroider threads of your choice (better contrasting ones), a needle and candleholders, the main condition here is that they had little holes in them, so you could embroider with a needle.... More

Simple DIY Sweater Throw Pillows

We’ve just told you of sweater pillows to make, and today I’ve decided to share one of the tutorials in detail. Take the torso part of the sweater to create the pillow cover. If possible, use the side seams of the sweater as two of the pillows sides to save yourself some sewing. If you are using a cardigan sweater, you can... More

11 Awesome 2015 DIY Calendars To Make

A calendar is a cool thing that helps to plan everything you need. Let’s see what we can make for 2015 that has just come. Instagram has never been more popular, so why not make a fun Instagram calendar for this year? Just take your pics for every day and put them on the wall. 3D variations are fun, cool and suitable for any... More

DIY Washi Tape Heart Wall Decor

Washi tape is ideal for décor because it can be removed at any time you want, it’s versatile and available in lots of colors. For this cool washi tape wall décor you’ll need 2″ wide washi tape, 1/4″ washi tape, an X-Acto knife, a -metal ruler and a cutting mat. First you’ll want to use the 1/4″... More

DIY Flameless Fire Pit For Home Decor

Lights are an integral part of holiday decorating, and are just cool and cozy. A flameless fire pit is a great and safe idea for any home, to make one you’ll need sticks, stones, a strand of lights and hot glue. To start, arrange your stones in a circle of whatever size you’d like your base to be. If for some reason,... More

Fun And Colorful DIY Animal Thread Organizers

If you like crafting or embroidering, then this organizer is right what you need. Prepare multi-colored card, scissors, thread/string and a marker. Cut rectangles from the card, these can be whatever size you prefer. Make a small slit in the side, about 1cm from the bottom of the rectangle. This will serve as an anchor point... More

DIY Giant Snowflake Light Up Marquee

We are in the middle of winter and there’s nothing more natural than continue decorating you home in winter style, though holidays are over, winter with its charm is still here. Let’s make this cool snowflake marquee to make your winter brighter and cooler! The supplies are Martha Stewart Living Battery-Operated LED lights,... More

Winter Coziness: 11 DIY Knit And Sweater Pillows

Knit pieces are ideal for cold seasons as they bring warmth, coziness and comfort when it’s so nasty outside. That’s why I’d like to share some cool knit pillows tutorials that will make your space very comfy. If you like to knit, just take the needles and some yarn to create your little cozy piece of the size and pattern... More

8 Awesome DIY Candles And Candleholders For Winter

Candles are an indispensable part of fall and winter décor as it’s cold outside and it’s so cozy to stay inside with any kind of fire – from candles to fireplaces. Today I’ve rounded up some cool winter candles and candleholders that will not only create a cozy atmosphere but also finish your winter home décor.... More

DIY Leather Mason Jar Sleeve

This project was super easy, didn’t require many tools, and would make a great gift in case you need it. The supplies are heavy-duty leather, snap fasteners, waxed cord, a leather punch, an X-Acto knife, a metal ruler, a setter tool or snaptool and a hammer. Cut out two rectangular pieces of leather, the first being the... More