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DIY Fall Acorns With Pinecones And Twine

We’ve just told you of acorns for fall deocr, and today we are sharing a tutorial to make faux acorns that are original and durable. The supplies are Easter eggs, spray paint, twine, pinecones, hot glue gun & glue, Mod Podge and glitter. First, spray painte the easter eggs. Give them two coats of white paint, then spray... More

9 DIY Nut And Acorn Wreaths For Fall And Thanksgiving Decor

Nuts and acorns are an amazing and original way to deocrate your home, both indoors and outdoors. Nuts are much more unique and interesting than leaves or pumpkins, and they needn’t any decor or preparations. We’ve already told you how to make decorations of them, and today we are going to speak about wreaths. A nut and... More

Cute DIY Crochet Pumpkin Coffee Cup Cozy

The fall is here, and to get more coziness to your home, you can crochet a cute pumpkin coffee cup cozy. For this project you’ll need cotton yarn in beige, orange and green, a 4mm crochet hook, scissors, a needle and thread. Stitches to know: chain, slipstitch, single crochet, double crochet, magic loop and cup sleeve. Chain... More

Fun DIY Dishwasher Safe Painted Plates

Cool and fun tableware is a nice idea to raise your mood while eating, especially in the morning. You can get a couple of plates and turn them into creative ones using enamel paint, brushes, ceramic plates and painters tape and this tutorial from laceyplacey.com. Spotted plate: dab paint onto your plate with your brush in a... More

14 DIY Twig And Branch Decorations To Try In The Fall

Twigs and branches are perhaps the most affordable material, which you can get almost anywhere, just go for a walk with your kids or even with your dog. They are great for decorating for any season, and as the fall is here, we’ll have a look at some twig fall decorations. Make a twig wreath or frame and add a banner or some... More

Fun DIY Ewok No Sew Dog Costume

Star Wars fans, wanna have some fun? Make an Ewok costume for your dog – no sewing required! Prepare 1/2 yard of brown knit fabric, a short length of twine and scissors. The size of your piece of fabric will be highly dependent on the size of your dog, obviously. Cut out the rectangle of fabric, making purposefully ragged... More

DIY IKEA Hack: Marble Tray From A Candle Dish

IKEA hacks can’t be more popular than now! Here’s one more amazing IKEA idea for your home – a cool marble tray from twinspiration.co. The supplies are GLADJANDE candle dish, grey marble adhesive film, scissors, tape measure, a pen. Lay a piece of contact paper face down on the floor. Pull a tape measure to 10 inches. Put... More

10 DIY Fall-Inspired Vases From Various Materials

Fall is here, have you already put some beautiful fall blooms into vases? If you don’t have an appropriate autumn vase, this roundup is for you! The cutest idea I’ve ever seen is a pumpkin vase – just take a natural pumpkin from your veggie garden, cut it and clean inside, then leave as it is or spray paint as you like,... More

DIY Modern Black And White Abstract Art

Abstract art pieces aren’t that difficult to make, even a beginner can do it. Take a canvas, acrylic paints in black and white, painter’s tape, a paint brush and scissors. Tape off three to four parallel stripes on an angle at the top corner of your canvas with your painter’s tape. Press down and smooth over the tape so... More

Stylish Yet Simple DIY Leather Magnetic Bookmarks

These cute bookmarks will be very useful either for a book or for a planner. Prepare leather scraps, magnetic strips/tape, tacky spray adhesive, black acrylic paint, a ruler and pencil, scissors, painter’s tape and a paintbrush. Measure and cut your leather to size. The bookmarks will be folded in half, so estimate the length... More

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