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11 Easy And Budget-Friendly DIY Driftwood Mirrors

Why is driftwood so perfect for crafting? First of all, it’s wood, and it gives a calm and warm feeling. Second, you can pick pieces of driftwood anywhere you want and choose what you like. Third, it’s free! Prepare your driftwood pieces to make mirror frames and add beach chic to your space. You can make a frame of any... More

Architectural Wooden DIY Tapered-X Lamp

Remember we’ve just told you of an X leg table? Such a lamp looks no less original and cozy! Have a look at this tutorial from pneumaticaddict.com and prepare a miter saw, a table saw, an oscillating multi-tool or small hand saw, a pneumatic brad nailer, 1″ finish nails, a speed square, wood glue and a lamp kit. The... More

Budget-Savvy DIY Stenciled Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs can be so expensive, especially the really pretty ones – but you can make this one from everydaydishes.com – it’s cute and cheap! The supplies are an outdoor rug stencil template, card stock, a precision knife, an outdoor rug, a spray adhesive, paper to cover area not stenciled and spray paint. Download the... More

Beach Inspiration: 8 Simple DIY Driftwood Lamps

Driftwood is awesome for crafting: it’s easy to find, you don’t need to pay for it and as it’s wood, you can use it for many items, from wall arts to furniture. Today’s roundup is dedicated to driftwood lamps, which will easily bring beach and coastal chic to any interior. Basically, you’ll need some lamp kit or base,... More

Striped DIY Hanging Branch Jewelry Display

If you’ve been following us, you’ve already seen driftwood craft roundup, and this one from forthemakers.com is also dedicated to the same topic. To make this branch jewelry display, you’ll need a medium/long sized branch, cup hooks, thin-sized drill bits, a power drill, 3-4 different colors of embroidery floss, scissors,... More

DIY Geo Leather Luggage Tag Using Nail Polishes

We’ve already told you of luggage tags, and here’s one more idea that wasn’t on the list. Cut your scrap white leather into a tag shape for the back. Then, cut the front into a rectangle and slanted the top for a more interesting look. After you cut the front shape, use painters tape to tape off some areas to paint. Once... More

Sea Vibe: 13 DIY Driftwood Mobiles And Garlands

Driftwood is the cheapest craft material ever because it can be found on the seashore; using it for crafts is a very eco-friendly idea, kind of recycling and not wasting the wood. Today we gonna inspire you with cool driftwood garlands and mobiles to bring some sea spirit to your home. Making a driftwood mobile is easy: you can... More

Unique DIY Fringed Lampshade With Gemstones

Gemstones aren’t just for jewelry, they can be used for cool home décor, have a look at this lampshade from craftingfingers.co.uk. The supplies are 1mm cord, gemstones, washi or masking tape, scissors and a surface to secure base cord. To start, measure the circumference of your lampshade by wrapping the cord around it once.... More

Traditional DIY X-Leg Herringbone Dining Table

An X-leg dining table is a cool traditional piece that is very comfy and stable, it’s perfect for family meals. If you want to build one, have a look at this tutorial from rogueengineer.com and start gathering supplies. They are 3x  –  4 x 4 x 8′ untreated pine, 8x  –  2 x 4 x 96″ premium studs, 11x  –  1 x 4... More

10 DIY Driftwood Wall Hangers And Holders For Various Stuff

Driftwood is a very popular material for crafting as it’s eco-friendly and easy to find. We’ve already told you of some crafts to make from it, and today I’d like to continue the theme telling you of wall hangers and holders. The good thing about driftwood here is that you can just find a proper piece of driftwood and... More