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7 Awesome DIY Wind Chimes Played By The Wind

Originally wind chimes appeared in ancient times as a symbol of good fortune and a charm against the evil eye. Today wind chimes are constructed from suspended tubes, rods, bells or other objects and are often made of metal or wood. They are usually hung outside of a building or residence as a visual and aural garden ornament,... More

DIY Round Wooden Photo Holders To Make

If you have a lot of picture and want to display them in an original way, here’s a brilliant idea from OleanderAndPalm blog! These little wooden sphere picture holders are a simple, attractive way to share your favorite images in your home. You’ll need a package of 4 wooden knobs, flat on the bottom, so they sit nicely on a... More

How To Turn IKEA Bookshelves Into A Bookcase

IKEA hacks have never been more popular than now! Today we’ll hack a couple of bookshelves together with TheMakeRista blog. Begin by assembling the three Ikea bookshelves. To make them taller than standard add the extension cabinets. Position them in the spot where they would go to determine the final placement. After they... More

13 Easy And Quick DIY Mouse Pads From Different Materials

Today’s roundup is especially for nerds! I’m kidding, of course, a good mouse pad is a necessary thing for any computer use, so practically for any modern person. Cork is a perfect base for any mouse pad, so just cut your piece and then go decorate it: paint it, attach paper or a piece of fabric or your favorite photo. You... More

Cute And Girly DIY Storage Boxes

Every girl needs charming storage boxes for her little things like jewelry, accessories, makeup and stuff. Let’s make a couple of cute ones! The supplies are a cardboard box, printed medium-weight fabric, PVA glue or Modge Podge, a clean paint brush or sponge, clothes pegs, labels, sharp scissors, pinking shears and white... More

Easy DIY Trivet Of Wine Corks And Metal

Why are cork crafts so super cool? Because they are cheap and easy to make! Cork can be a perfect source for almost anything, from a laptop sleeve to a backsplash. If you like wine and have lots of corks at home, it’s time to use them! This cork trivet is super easy to make. In fact, you can complete it in under an hour. You... More

9 St.Patrick’s Day Decorations And Art Pieces You’ll Like

St.Patrick’s Day is close, so get ready for it! It doesn’t matter if you are going to have a party or not, make a couple of decorations or some cute wall art to celebrate the holiday. Shamrock as a symbol of this day is the most popular piece for any type of décor, so you can paint it, embroider it, make it of paper and... More

Cute DIY Birdy Windchimes For Spring Decor

These cute windchimes are a great idea to refresh your interior for spring – just open your windows and enjoy the sounds! The supplies are (2) 2 feet long PVC pipes, (4) PVC pipe caps, (4) 1″ screw eyes, 8 feet of decorative chain, 10 feet of Jack chain, needle nose pliers, sheet of 3/32″ balsa wood, an X-acto knife, a... More

DIY Mouse Pad With Scrapbook Paper And Cork

Need a creative mouse pad? Here’s an idea from ModPodgeRocksBlog! The supplies are round cork, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, ribbon, paint, a foam brush, scissors, a pencil. Trace out shape of cork and now it’s time to add your fancy scrapbook paper. Cover the top part of the cork and the back of the scrapbook paper with some... More

14 Awesome St.Patrick’s Day Party Crafts To Make

St.Patrick’s Day is next week and it’s high time to prep for a cool party! We’ve already told you of garlands and wreaths to decorate your space, so after décor take a look at the tableware. Decorate plates and glasses with shamrocks, green and gold paint. Cake toppers and cupcake wraps in green, gold and with shamrocks... More