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7 DIY Christmas Lanterns For Indoors And Outdoors

Lanterns are amazing for any season and any holiday, we’ve already told you of lots of them. Today we’ll see what creative ideas to make lantern there are for Christmas. The most magic-looking idea is a silhouette lantern – just cut some scenery or some Christmas symbols and attach them to the jars. Natural décor is my... More

Stylish DIY Red Christmas Countdown

We continue the theme of Christmas countdown calendars, and today we’ll make this beautiful and stylish one. Prepare spray adhesive, a drill, a white paint marker, tin snips, white paint, a paintbrush, stain, a calendar, 12×16 wood board, galvanized sheet metal, twine, a round wood piece, a small round magnet with... More

DIY Last Minute Candle Centerpiece For Christmas

There’s something peaceful and alluring about a candlelight dinner. The light reflecting off everyone’s faces is captivating. That’s why it’s ideal for Christmas, let’s make this last minute centerpiece with candles. You’ll need a tray, candles in varying heights, 2 types of greenery and colorful fruit. Read the... More

10 Amazing DIY Coastal Christmas Crafts

If you live on the coast or you are planning to go to some hot place for these holidays, why not organize a fantastic coastal Christmas? Such a Christmas means everything beach-inspired: shells, sea stars, sea urchins, lots of sand and driftwood. Make a nautical advent calendar and fill it with sea-inspired items like corals or... More

DIY Mini Lanterns For Christmas Decor

Mini jar lanterns are great idea for coming festive season, so if you want to light up your house a bit for Christmas this project is definitely for you. You’ll need mini jars, twine, washi tape and tealights. Following the pictures attach the twine around jar neck and make a loop of it. Make sure the loop isn’t too... More

Stylish DIY Geometric Advent Calendar

We’ve already told you about cool DIY advent calendars, and here’s one more idea to the list. A good thing about this geometric calendar is that it’s quite large and you can hide various gifts. Prepare 24 A4 sheets of white cardboard, 50cm x 70cm big black plate, a glue stick or liquid glue, small clothespins, a knitting... More

10 Great DIY Christmas Tree Stands And Bases

Less than a month is left before Christmas, and I know that some of you have already decided to put a tree. Putting it is a god idea but how can you secure it? This article will help because it tells about DIY tree stands and bases. If you wanna add a rustic touch to the décor, make a wooden box tree base and fill it with sand... More

DIY Melting Snowman Hanging Ornament

Snowmen are ideal for décor, so fun and whimsy. What would you say to a melting snowman? Unexpected, right? Prepare polymer clay, white acrylic paint, a small paintbrush x2, liquid clay, clay varnish, a needle or pin, a cutting tool, a rolling tool, an oven, wire or ribbon, beads. First of all, condition a ball of white clay... More

DIY Wooden Houses Advent Calendar

These tiny wooden houses lined up on your mantle are just about the most charming Christmas decor ever! The houses are bottomless so you just lift them up and your treats are under the house. To make this advent calendar you’ll need  wooden house template, 10 sheets of balsa wood, hot glue, scissors, gold spray paint, clear... More

11 Cool DIY Christmas Packs And Boxes

To make your gift even more special, you can add a fantastic gift box, wrap or packaging. We’ve already told you of cool wraps to make, now let’s see what boxes you can make. So, actually, the type of pack or box depends on the gift you want to make. Look at it and its size, it’ll tell you what to choose. A colorful gift... More