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Modern DIY Leather Chair Cushion

This easy leather cushion will make your sitting cozier and any chair – comfier. Prepare universal needles for leather, upholstery thread, uholstery leather, foam, a sewing machine. Use a piece of paper (or parchment paper) to draw your template for your foam and fabric. Cut foam to exact template markings. Cut fabric 1/2... More

DIY Festive Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Christmas is rather far away yet many of us are already interested in cool decor for this time. This tree wall hanging can be a cool alternative to a traditional tree, or just a decoration. The supplies are acrylic paint, a palette, laminated drop cloth cut to 4-by-7-feet, a 2-inch paint brush, No. 18 flat brush, a ruler, a... More

7 Cool DIY Boxes For Thanksgiving Pie Favors

A whole pie or a piece of it is a traditional favor for any Thanksgiving party, and i’m sure that every your friend or relative will be happy to receive one. Prepare tasty pumpkin pies and some boxes to pack them up for your guests. Don’t have any? Then look at the tutorials below to make a couple. Some of the boxes are... More

How To Reupholster And Renovate Old Dining Chairs

Wanna reupholster your old chairs? Prepare chairs with upholstered seats, fabric, a staple remover, a staple gun + staples, fabric scissors, a screw driver, pliers, fabric spray. Gather your supplies and remove the chair cushions. There are usually just a couple of screws that hold each cushion in place. Remove the old fabric... More

DIY IKEA Bosse Stools And BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart Hack

Let’s hack IKEA furniture more and more and enjoy the results! Grab two Bosse stools and the BEKVÄM kitchen cart. Start off by using a plane sander with 150 grit paper and worked up to 220 on the stools as they are already finished. After vacuuming up and wiping everything down, start staining the tops. Use a one step stain... More

10 Smart DIY Home Projects To Use An Old Ladder

Got an old ladder? Don’t throw it away, it’s a perfect storage piece! Just sand it a bit, paint or spray paint or decorate in another way and use depending on its size. First of all, a ladder is a space-saving piece for hanging any types of textiles – from blankets to towels in your bathroom. If the steps are large... More

DIY Rustic Checkers Game Not To Be Bored

Bored? Go play chess! You’ll need black and white checked fabric, cut to eight-and-a-half squares by eight-and-a-half squares, sixteen small wood rounds, black and white craft paint and a small brush, 26″ of leather cord, pins, a safety pin, a sewing machine or basic sewing skills. Start by making the casing for the... More

DIY IKEA Hack: Kids’ Table Makeover

More IKEA hacks and today for your little ones! Prepare furniture paint, rose gold spray paint, Ikea Latt kids table, 2″ foam roller and tray, 2″ paint brush, painter’s tape, wrapping paper or wallpaper, metal straight edge, an X-Acto knife, a sheet of acrylic cut to 17-3/8 x 23-5/8″.  Keep reading the tutorial in the... More

11 Awesome And Fun Pumpkin DIYs For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming, and a pumpkin is one of the symbols of this harvest holiday. I’m sure that you’ve already included pumpkins into the dinner menu and don’t hesitate to use them for decor, too. Natural and foam pumpkins are great flower vases, add a couple of feather and a cool centerpiece is done! Applique and... More

DIY Fab Fruit Bowl From A Palm Tree Leaf

This eye-catching fruit bowl is easy to make! Prepare a palm tree leaf, or sepal, paints, paint brush, old cloth, a hack saw and/or metal file. The saw is to cut off the dead sepal from the tree and trim the end. Use a metal file to trim and smooth down the end if needed. You may not need either the saw or metal file. Dip the... More

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