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Creative And Easy DIY Beeswax Candles

Beeswax sheets make a great alternative to your standard jar candle and the honeycomb pattern is so pretty! These would make a lovely handmade gift for friends or neighbors. You could also make them into several sizes and decorate your dinner table with taper candles. To make them you’ll need beeswax sheets, cotton wick,... More

Simple DIY Industrial Copper Lamp

Copper is one of the latest trend for home décor, and we’ve already told you of some crafts. Today we’ll see how to make a simple industrial copper lamp. You’ll need small wood plaque, a lamp kit, a screwdriver, a drill, ½ inch drill bit, a light bulb, 10 foot, ½ inch copper pipe, a  pipe cutter, measuring tape, ½... More

20 Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Art Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming in a month, and it’s time to make some cool decorations. Today I’ll tell you of some awesome art pieces for this holiday, they are so amazing that you can leave them for the whole year round. Hearts are in the limelight, so most of art pieces are with them. Cross-stitched, printable, button,... More

Fun DIY Photo Soaps As Friend Gifts

These fun photo soaps are amazing as friend gifts. Prepare clear glycerin soap, essential oil or fragrance, soap molds or small cardboard boxes, photos on transparency paper or copy paper, scaled to fit your molds, packing tape if using transparencies, a microwave safe bowl, scissors. First print your photos. Cut out your... More

DIY Heart Marquee Light In A Box

Marquee lights are stunning for home décor and for special occasions. Today we offer you to make marquee lights for Valentine’s Day, that blog poofycheeks shared with us. The supplies are a heart shaped paper mache box, marquee lights, paint, a paintbrush, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, an exacto knife, scissors and a hot glue... More

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Boyfriend

If you want to make a great gift for your love, better make it beforehand, without any fuss. Today we’ll see, what gifts you can make for a boy – your boyfriend or just friend. A gift for a boy should be manly to some degree, so better don’t give him a pack of pink marshmallows or a heart phone case. Take a couple of mugs... More

DIY Shabby Chic Vintage Dresser

Shabby chic furniture has its special charm, so let’s add a bit of beauty and chic to your interior with this dresser. Prepare a dresser, 6-8 wooden wine boxes, screws for attaching the wine box panels, 2 different paint colors, clear coat to fix the color, dresser knobs or handles, a jigsaw for cutting the wine box panels,... More

DIY Stick Heart For Valentine’s Day Decor

Getting ready for the most romantic holiday of the year? I’ve got a pretty and absolutely free idea for you, that domesticallyblissful blog shared with us! The supplies are sticks, a hot glue gun & glue, white acrylic paint, water, a paintbrush, a small bowl, twine and Krylon Glitter Blast Diamond Dust – optional.... More

20 Cute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girls

There’s a month left before Valentine’s Day and it’s time to get crafty and make some decorations and gifts. This article is dedicated to gifts that are suitable for girls, so it’s full of girly stuff, get ready! I won’t take jewelry as we’ve already told you of it, but there are some cool jewelry holders and... More

Cozy Shabby Chic DIY Drawer Shelf

Make a cozy corner in your living room with an old drawer shelf! If you don’t have an old drawer, browse thrift stores, your grandma’s house and you might find that old looking, skewed, half painted cozy drawer that will look good up on the wall. The supplies are an old drawer, a spirit level, 2 loop screws, 2 nails and a... More