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Easy DIY 3D Paper Triangle Wall Decor

We’ve just told you about cool triangle wall decor and today the project is about the same but the decor is dimensional. The supplies are paper (the thicker the better), a ruler, a stylus, a pencil, scissors, double-sided tape, a base for cutting. Draw a triangle of the size you prefer, and then draw another smaller triangle,... More

11 Super Creative DIY IKEA Besta Hacks You’ll Like

IKEA items are a perfect material for creations of any kind due to their simplicity and stylish modenr design. IKEA Besta units are multifunctional and their look just tells you, ‘Hack me, please!’. It’s white but you can add colors, patterns, lights and decorate and use it as a TV unit. You can also create a whole stack... More

Oversized DIY Abstract Wall Art Piece

Wall art pieces help to accentuate your walls nd no make them look plain. Prepare a stretched canvas, whatever size you want, acrylic or latex wall/furniture pain, liquid gold foil, paint brushes, a plate for mixing your paints. First paint your canvas white and let it dry. Apply a little bit of liquid gold foil paint with a... More

Easy DIY Photo Wall Using Fotobit Frames

Photo walls are super actual because eveyrone want to enjoy the family pics. Today we are going to make a photo wall with Fotobit frames. You can select the number you need, as well as have your Instagram photos printed by Snapbox on their nice thick 4×4 art prints. Each Fotobit frame contains several components, which can... More

14 DIY Wooden Pumpkins For Fall And Thanksgiving

Got a couple of pieces of wood? Turn them into cool pumpkins! Cut a slice and give it a pumpkin look using paints and lacquer. There are also more creative variants like pumpkins made of stacked wood – they are just stylized with paints or shapes. If you make them in pumpkins shape, you can apint them in some cool ways and go... More

Simple DIY Geometric Wooden Pumpkin

The pumpkin season is on, and it will continue for several months more, so a cool pumpkin art is right what you need. To make this one prepare a wooden pumpkin, a ruler with 60° line, a pencil, frog tape, craft paint, a paint brush. Using a pencil, draw horizontal lines across your pumpkin (or whatever you’re triangle-ing).... More

10-minute DIY Marble Art Using Nail Polishes

Marble items are very popular today, and you needn’t any skills to create your own art. Prepare watercolor paper, nail polish, a container and a skewer/toothpick. Fill the container with about one inch deep water and start pouring the first nail color verry close to the surface (if the bottle is the far away from the water... More

12 Original DIY Bookmarks In Various Styles For Your Favorite Books

You may say that reading a usual book is a bit old-fashioned and everyone reads using laptops, computers, e-books and so on. But if you are in love with books with real pages, with that special aroma of the pages, you’ll love this roundup, too! These are the coolest and most original bookmarks that you can make with your... More

DIY Cutting Boards With Pastel Painted Edges

We’ve already told you how to spruce up your cutting board, and here’s one more easy project of that kind. You’ll need 3 bamboo cutting boards, acrylic paint, a small paint brush, Bulls Eye Zinsser Shellac, clear. You will begin by simply painting the edges of your cutting boards with your acrylic paint. Keep the paint on... More

DIY West Elm Inspired Floating Mirror

Like West Elm floating mirror? You can make one yourself! Prepare a mirror, a mirror adhesive, a plywood sheet, pine wood, wood screws, wood filler, finishing nails, paint. Determine plywood size and have it cut in the store; sand it well. Cut pine to create a framework. Time to measure and cut the pine wood strips that will go... More

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