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DIY Vintage-Inspired Clock From An Old Book

Using old books for planters, clutches and many other things is a very popular and original idea today, let’s turn an old book into an awesome vintage clock! The supplies are an old book, clock parts & battery, a pen, a ruler, an X-Acto Knife, wood numbers, gold leaf flakes, Mod Podge, 2 small paintbrushes, white paint, a... More

DIY Spotted Catch-All Bowl For Various Stuff

Have you ever come home and thrown your keys on the nearest flat surface only to realize you can’t remember where you put them when you’re walking out the door the next day? To avoid such situations you can make a cute catch-all bowl. The supplies are just a white bowl and a glass paint pen. First, using the glass paint pen... More

9 DIY Passport Holders And Covers To Keep Documents Safe

The vacation season is officially on, and we continue telling you of cool crafts that will make any trip easier and more pleasant. Today I’ve rounded up passport covers and holders that will save your documents from any scratches or other accidents and make your papers easier to find in any big bag. Choose the material you... More

Stylish DIY Minimalist Wooden Soap Dish

Wanna design your bathroom in minimalist style? You’ll need stylish accessories and decorations for it, and we are sharing this minimalist soap dish tutorial to help you! The supplies are 2 36 inch long 3/8 by 3/8 square poplar dowels , a miter box and saw, a ruler, a pencil, sandpaper, waterproof wood glue, mineral oil,... More

DIY Ombre Wind Chimes From Clay Pots

Remember we told you about amazing wind chimes? Here’s one more idea from UnderCoverDIYer blog to the list! Prepare 5 mini clay pots, blue acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, a small paint brush, twine, washers, a large bead or crystal. Paint your pots. All you need to make a bunch of different blues is one blue and some... More

Travelling Time: 13 DIY Travel Wallets, Cases And Covers

The time of amazing holidays has officially begun, and I’m sure that you are already planning some awesome trip! We’ve already told you of luggage tags and travel pillows that will save you from pain in your neck, and now it’s time to pack your things in a convenient way. For that you’ll need some pouches, holders,... More

Fun And Easy DIY Wooden Key Chain

This is a great craft for kids and adults alike – or a fun joint project! You’ll need blocks of wood, sanding paper to sharpen up the edges, white color, permanent markers and something to drill the hole. Wherever you got your blocks of wood from the first thing you want to do is sand the edges. Color the surface and let it... More

How To Paint With Watercolors Using Straws

Watercolor is one of the hottest modern trends in décor and not only. Wanna make a cool watercolor piece for your home? Here we are with a tutorial from Inkstruck blog! Prepare a regular pencil, an eraser, a straw, water and a palette. Draw the outline of a simple fruit using a regular pencil. Apples, strawberries, cherries,... More

16 DIY Fruity Home Décor Crafts To Welcome Summer

There are just two weeks left before the summer, and it’s high time to craft something cheerful to welcome it! What cab ne more summer-like than juicy fresh fruit? Let’s make a couple of fun crafts for home décor in the shape of your favorite fruit. Planters, coasters, potholders, magnets, memo board and a door mat in the... More

DIY Chunky Stained Wooden Shelves

Need a couple of simple wooden shelves for some little nook? Read this tutorial from BeckhamAndBelle blog! The supplies are 1 1″x4″x6′- for front of shelf, 1 1″x3″x6′ – for support sides, 1 2’x4’x1/4″ plywood – for top and bottom of shelf. Cut a 2-foot piece off... More