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6 Cute DIY Shabby Chic Shelves And Racks

Shabby chic style is gaining popularity because it looks romantic and vintage yet doesn’t cost a pretty penny. Today we’ve rounded up some cool shabby chic shelves that you can easily make for your home. The key to this style is giving the furniture not a polished but a little bit worn look. Make some rustic or... More

DIY Paper Star Lights Garland For The 4th Of July

Are you ready for the 4th of July celebration? If you need a creative decoration for your party, here’s cool idea from liagriffith.com! Prepare colorful paper, scissors, a glue gun, lights and white paper. Use scissors and a punch to cut all your pieces. You will need 5 pieces per star. Fold star pieces with top flaps up long... More

DIY White Deer Head For Woodland-Inspired Decor

This plastic deer head with antlers will give rustic or woodland décor to any space but you’ll need to stylize it a bit with this cool tutorial from hawthorneandmain.com. A plastic deer head requires a lot of paint: at least one can of spray paint. There are tons of grooves, holes and crevises that make it hard to get the... More

18 Smart DIY Garage Organization Projects

If you have a garage to store all the stuff you have, from tools to bikes, you definitely need to organize it. We’ve rounded up some clever storage and organization projects to help you save the space and get maximum from the garage that you have. Bike and scooter stands will help you to store them comfortably and cool but if... More

How To Spruce Up A Usual Pendant Lamp

Let’s make a usual and boring lamp original with this simple tutorial from frkhansen.dk! You’ll need a simple pendant lamp in the desired size, spray paint, wooden blocks and wooden beads, paint in different colors. The first step is to spray paint the metal parts of the lamp. You can first use primer and then spray paint.... More

Fun DIY Face Vase With Puffy Paint

This creative vase from athomeinlove.com resembles of a face! To make it you’ll need a vase that looks kind of like a head, white spray paint, a pencil, white puff paint. Start by spray painting the vase white, using multiple thin coats. Once the paint is dry, lightly draw your face with pencil. You can practice on some paper... More

7 DIY Natural Rock Ponds To Transform Your Backyard

Remember that pond roundup that we made last year? I’d like to continue and broaden this topic today telling you of DIY rock ponds. What’s special about rock or stone ponds is that they look incredibly natural – just like it’s a real water feature that has always been here. Actually, you needn’t make the whole pond... More

Simple And Quick DIY Splash Proof Phone Case

During the summer we often spend time by the water and if you love jumping into pools, lakes or rivers, then you need to protect your phone from water splashes. This splash proof case from polkadotchair.com is right what you need! The supplies are two 5″ x 8″ pieces of vinyl, 7″ zipper,  bias tape, two 5″ x 8″ pieces... More

How To Install Corian Countertops Yourself

Corian is a great material for bathrooms and kitchens, and if you want to install it yourself, this tutorial from tidbits-cami.com will be of use for you. Prepare glue (each color of corian has a corresponding color of glue), a glue gun, glue tips and a sanding and polishing kit. Dry fit a top piece to be sure the cuts are... More

9 Cool Backyard Waterfalls That You Can Make Yourself

Water features can’t be more popular than in summer as they relax and cool the air around them. We’ve already told you how to make fountains and ponds, and today we are sharing some waterfalls projects. Why do I love waterfalls so much? Because they relax you with an adorable sound of water, look very natural and make a... More