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DIY Gilded Marble Hexagon Serving Boards

Need serving boards for a party? Let’s make a couple of stylish ones! You’ll need polished hexagon marble tiles, clear adhesive bumpers, liquid gold leaf and brush with painter’s tape. If you’re planning to go au natural with your color scheme, literally all you’ll have to do for this DIY project is stick the little... More

Easy DIY Wood Burned Photo Frames

If you have a couple of photo frames and want to get something original, there’s a way! Prepare natural wood frames, a wood burning tool, pliers, a metal ruler and a pencil. To create a polka-dot effect, use the standard round attachment that comes with your wood burning kit. You can freehand your design or draw out a pattern... More

6 DIY Geometric Vases For Displaying Flowers Stylishly

Geometric shapes are cool, trendy and suitable for many modern interiors, both feminine and masculine. We’ve told you a lot about various geometric decorations, and today we’ll have a look at vases. It’s almost spring and I’m sure that flowers will be one of the main decorations during this and next season, so a cool... More

DIY Lacy Nesting Bowls In Navy Color

These amazing bowls from WoodsOfbellTrees blog are perfect for jewelry storage, just for décor and as a ring dish for a wedding. Let’s get started! Press different areas of the lace shirt into the white Sculpey clay and bake for the recommended time and temperature. Once the clay finishes cooking, let it completely cool in... More

Industrial Decor Idea: DIY Faucet Wall Hooks

Industrial décor is gaining popularity and these creative hooks are a perfect way to follow trends! You’ll need pressboard blocks, some faucet handles, bolts and nuts, a little bit of charcoal grey craft paint around the raised edges. You can paint a bit of a diamond shape just for some visual interest, then sand them down... More

15 Trendy DIY Geometric Planters You Can Easily Make

Geometric designs are getting more and more popular, and a couple of such furniture pieces and decorations will make your home super trendy. I’ve rounded up the easiest and the most necessary decorations that every home may need – planters! Geometric planters and pots are an awesome idea for anyone, they are easy to make,... More

DIY Geometric Shoe Rack Of Cardboard

Geometric designs are getting more and more popular today, and this shoe rack is inspired by them. Each module here is a triangular tube, the length and size of the module depends on your shoe size! Start by creating a module: cut a piece of cardboard to the size you need, here it’s about 21″x24″. Score it into 3 equal... More

DIY Crochet Radish Egg Cozies For Easter

Easter is not so far as you think and it’s time to make some Easter-inspired crafts. What about a couple of cute egg cozies? A crochet radish egg cup cozy is a great and super fun idea – not only for Easter but also for the whole spring. A single piece is made up of the radish cozy cone and 3 leaves. If you like crocheting,... More

8 DIY Photo Gift Tags For Any Occasion

We’ve already seen many gift tags that are easy to make with your own hands but photo tags make any gift personalized and are one of the best ideas for Christmas, bridal and baby showers and weddings. First of all, work with your pics in some good program: you can make them black and white, or add some effects or some funny... More

Eye-Catching DIY Terracotta Planter Restyling

Painting and restyling usual vases and pots is one of the most popular crafts as it’s super easy and you can get a very personalized piece. Let’s take terracotta pots and turn them into cool and eye-catching ones! You’ll need planters, white spray paint, grey and yellow acrylic paint, paper tape, a black permanent marker... More