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18 Colorful And Fun DIY Piñatas For Any Party

A piñata is a cool and super fun idea for any party, from a kid’s birthday party to a bridal shower, that’s why today I decided to tell you how to make these bold and sparkling piñatas. Actually, you can make a piñata in any shape you like – a donut, a horse, a cactus, a flamingo, a question mark, a cube and so on –... More

Very Simple DIY Modern Dreamcatcher

We’ve already told you of some cool ideas to make a cool dreamcatcher for boho décor but this idea wasn’t on the list. To make a modern dreamcatcher prepare 12’’ macramé ring, white yarn, wooden beads, scissors, a toothpick. Start with your first piece of yarn by tying and knotting it on the top of your ring. Use long... More

Functional And Practical DIY Pegboard From Plywood

Pegboards combine quirky décor with practical storage, making them a perfect addition to any craft or DIY workspace. To make one yourself, you’ll need a medium/large rectangle of plywood, at least 15 mm thick, a power drill, a hand saw, 10 mm wide dowelling, fine sandpaper, spray paint and masking tape. On your plywood, mark... More

19 Colorful DIY Mosaic Crafts For Home Décor

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. The earliest known examples of mosaics are dated to the 3rd millennium BC. Today mosaics is also very popular for home décor and people make such patterns everywhere using glass, pebbles, stones, plastic and... More

DIY Embroidered Copper Desk Accessories

Make your desk accessories more original and personalized with this cool tutorial from revamperate.com. You’ll need wire mesh desk accessories, copper spray paint, embroidery thread, a needle. First, spray paint one coat of copper paint on the wire mesh, let dry and spray again. Let dry completely before beginning the next... More

Original DIY Neon Mosaic Tile Trivet

I love mosaics as this ancient pattern allows creating wonderful and eye-catching items,and this trivet is one of them. The supplies are neon acrylic paint, unsanded grout, an exacto knife, a square white tile, peel-and-stick floor tile, squeegee, a plastic molding. You need to figure out what size to cut your peel-and-stick... More

9 Easy DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers Tutorials

Even though the garbage disposal is designed to pulverize and remove kitchen waste from food products, food particles often become trapped in the nooks and crannies of the disposal and drainpipe. Bacteria can then grow and create unpleasant odors! If you think (or even feel) that your garbage disposal isn’t as fresh as it... More

Bright And Fun DIY Washi Tape Key Rings

No keys without key rings! These are necessary accessories, and today we are sharing a tutorial from paperandpin.com to make colorful ones. Prepare all your favorite washi tapes, colorful cord, balsa wood, a craft knife, scissors, clear varnish or gel medium, a drill or dremel, a large split ring or binder ring. Start by... More

Trendy DIY Marble Mugs With Nail Polish

Marble décor is super popular right now, and we continue sharing cool marble-inspired ideas that you may like. Today we’ll make these marble mugs, you’ll need mugs, nail polish, toothpicks, a container. Fill your container halfway with hot water. Once the nail polish touches the water it is going to want to set and heat... More

19 DIY Crafts From Old Books For Your Home

Got a couple of vintage or just old books that you won’t read? Use them for your home décor! You just can’t imagine how many uses exist for a couple of old books! Make a clock from a book, or a photo album, a charging station, a vase, an art piece or just any piece that you can imagine! If you have a lot of books, you can... More