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16 Cool And Bold DIY Christmas Beaded Decorations

Beads can become a source of endless inspiration for making cool Christmas decorations and ornaments. Perler, plastic or wooden beads in the colors you like – it’s up to you, then just make the shape you like. You can make stars, angels, chandeliers, candy canes, wreaths, snowflakes, letters or even ball ornaments. It these... More

Super Easy DIY Scrabble Christmas Ornaments

Need a cool Christmas decoration with a minimalist approach? Make scrabble letter piece! You’ll need wooden scrabble tiles, glue, sandpaper, white yarn and scissors. The tutorial is super easy and you’re your kids can make these ornaments. Sand the edges of the scrabble tiles slightly. Cut a piece of yarn. Glue the outer... More

DIY Christmas String Star Ornaments

We continue telling you of super cute Christmas ornaments, and this article is dedicated to string star ornaments. The supplies are cotton string, jute twine or wool in your preferred colors, 1 sheet of paper for the shape templates, baking paper wrapped around jars and taped closed, a pastry brush, or brush with wide head, a... More

14 Easiest DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make With Kids

If you have kids, it’s so awesome to spend time with them preparing your home for the coming holidays and cooking food! Today I’ve prepared a whole bunch of tutorials to make with your little ones, they are super cute and easy – almost for any kids’ age. You can make some using salt dough or oven bake clay, or paint... More

Cool Favors: DIY Mini Christmas Trees In Boxes

These cute mini Christmas trees will be amazing gifts for Christmas and New Year parties or weddings. The supplies are mini cardboard boxes, decorative ribbon, fake greenery, wet foam, paper shred, super glue. Cut a piece that will wrap around the whole top of your box. Next up use some super glue (or hot glue), whatever you... More

DIY High Gloss Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Need a couple of bold ornaments for decor? The supplies are assorted plain wooden ornaments with eye hooks, DecoArt Americana Decor Maxx Gloss paint, in “Caribbean Sea” or another color, scissors, 1-inch foam paintbrush, gloves and paper towels and elastic string. Start by clipping off the pre-knotted string or rope that... More

9 DIY Sprinkle Crafts For Christmas And New Year

Sprinkles always make me think of holidays and festive atmosphere, if you agree, this roundup is for you! These are sprinkle crafts for Christmas and New Year – not foodie ones but decorations! My faves are sprinkle ornaments – just pour some glue inside and then put sprinkles so that they stuck to the sides. You can make... More

DIY Christmas Wreath With Holly And Small Ornaments

Christmas is coming, just one month is left! Let’s make this easy wreath for front door decor, you’ll need holly, a wreath, a glue gun, floral wire, wire cutters, small ornaments and felt bird ornaments. Clip small pieces of holly and attach them to your wreath using floral wire or a glue gun. Taking a wire cutter, clip off... More

DIY 10 Minute Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

We need more creative Christmas ornaments for the coming holidays! This one is a cool stamped piece, the supplies are a miter saw, birch logs, a drill, bakers twine, a rubber stamp, stamp ink. The first step is to select logs that are the right shape and size for your ornament. Using your miter saw cut a slice in your desired... More

12 Soft And Cozy DIY Pompom Christmas Decorations

I love pompoms because they make any space warmer and softer, that’s why I’ve decided to share some amazing pompom tutorials for those of you who are already preparing for Christmas. Pompoms are perfect and easy for any type of craft: a garland, a wreath, gift wraps and toppers, ornaments and even pillows. Grab a pile of... More

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