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Amazing DIY Pinecone Firelighters For A Cold Season

It’s cold, in some places there’s snow already but this time is magical and romantic. It’s the coziest time when you can gather around your fireplace with those that you love and enjoy some hot chocolate. For making fires you may create exciting pinecone firelighters, lightly scented with cinnamon. Take a pocketful of pine cones, a pack of tea-lights or small candles; cupcake cases, slightly larger than your pine cones, an optional candle scent; cinnamon, pine, cranberry and sandalwood are all divine. Line a cupcake tin with cases and place one of your tea lights or candles into each.  Tweak the wicks so that they are standing upright and proud of the wax; place in a moderate oven and keep checking until the wax melts and resembles water. Now add some drops of candle scent to each and move the wicks gently to one side of the case. Place a pinecone into each case; the wax will rise around it and hold it firmly in place as it sets. When the wax has cooled and set, lift the cases out of the pans and peel away the cupcake case. Make a fire and enjoy and the view and the scent!


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  1. Becky Says:

    These look adorable – although I have a really lovely EASY version for anyone who doesn’t have time to prepare these pinecone firelighters (although I’d love to receive them as a gait) – http://homefluffyhome.blog.com/2012/11/01/rosemary-heaven-restores-you-in-life/

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