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90 Fall Porch Decorating Ideas

It’s October out there so many of you probably already decorated your houses for the Fall season. If so, this gallery isn’t very useful for you this year but you can find here some inspiration for the next one. If not, then this gallery might help you get some interesting ideas to decorate your front porch. Autumn wreaths, pumpkins, leaves, twigs and a lot of other things would look great there. Enjoy these examples and find how you can combine all those things that symbolize Autumn.


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  1. Allison @ House of Hepworths Says:

    I’m just curious, where are all the link-backs to each of these creators? I’d like to know who owns each photo.

  2. Mike Says:

    You can find all links on the sites in the Reference section. I simply couldn’t link to all of them cuz my browser won’t survive so many tabs.

  3. Modern House Designs Says:

    Beautiful and amazing ideas.

    i like it……….so

    i want you give some more similar ideas.

  4. Pamela Says:

    I was just told to hop on over and check this site out and I see that you have MANY MANY photos on here from bloggers who I am guessing you did not ask permission from to use their photos. I see my porch here and know you did not ask. Bloggers spend a lot of time creating posts and projects for their readers to drive traffic to their own sites and you are just “stealing” their pics with no reference back to where you got the photos. I would not have minded if you one would have asked first or two at least would have put a link back to my blog and all the other bloggers so if people were interested in seeing more they could. I just read YOUR copyright policy and thought it to be funny because YOU have VIOLATED other peoples copyrights by putting their pictures on your site without permission. You are using other peoples work to drive traffic to your own site to increase your earnings. Please REMOVE my porch from your listing since you did not ask for permission to use it or give credit to me or other bloggers.

  5. Pamela Says:

    I may have come off as snippy. I apologize. I will say that though at first it is an honor that you would chose my porch to share I would have rather you have asked permission and INCLUDED a link back to my site. It is just common courtesy. Even on Pinterest everybody’s Pins will take you back to the original source. Please start including credit link backs to the pictures you have on your site. YES it will take a lot more time but honestly it is the right thing to do if you indeed know where the picture came from. I understand it is not always possible to know the source but for those you do please on behalf of all of us bloggers share the traffic and send people back to the source you get your pictures from. I think if you did this then nobody would be getting upset but would feel honored you decided to share. Blogging is very time consuming and it is disheartening when we bogglers do not get credit for our work.

  6. RHoda @ Southern Hospitality Says:

    Hello! I see that you found all these pics at my 2011 Fall Decor porch party and thanks for linking back to that post, but I imagine all of those bloggers who pics you are using will not be happy not having a link to their blogs. I wish all of you who compile posts like this would be more careful about linking properly. I know it’s a lot of work, but you loaded a lot of pics!

  7. Mike Says:

    Please tell me, which one is yours?

  8. debbiedoos Says:

    Ok, almost perfect…you put my link underneath my photo, however, it can’t be clicked over. http://www.debbie-debbiedoos.com. Dude, not sure what you have going on in this post, but you have to link those porches, one by one, by one..back to the site, and/or blogger or you just can’t have them!

  9. Kelly Says:

    Seriously, take it as a compliment already. If you dont want people to look at and share then dont post. Good lord

  10. carole Says:

    Sure are a lot of haters on here. If you aren’t proud of your porch and don’t want it shared on the web, then don’t post it on the web. Most people just want porch ideas, they don’t give a crap about your blog.

  11. Mia K Says:

    This is precisely why I hate “mommy-bloggers.” Ladies – GET A LIFE. You’re not that talented, that fancy or that important and neither are your dumb porches. You’re just pathetic. Go back to your little small-minded worlds and crochet something.

  12. KarenSue Says:

    Lots of great ideas here, can’t wait to try some out. Can’t believe some of these bloggers make such a fuss over having their pictures shared. I say delete them and change it to “89 Fall porch decoration ideas”, LOL!

  13. Beth Says:

    Relax ladies! If you share things on the net, expect them to get shared elsewhere and why not just be proud if your porch looks beautiful and worth sharing!?!? Also, you can post pictures in way that prevents people from clicking on them to copy and paste(which is what photographers do to protect their material).

  14. Jennyh Says:

    Wow… I found you from pinterest and boy was I shocked by the comments left by other bloggers! Seriously, if they were a smart blogger and wanted traffic they would simply watermark all of their images before posting to their own blog. That would not only copyright the image but would also give a resource for all images. Rediculous that they would rip you apart like they have. They should be ashamed and learn how become better bloggers.
    I enjoyed the post and feel that it would have taken you hours to link back. I use pinterest to pin from original source and then embed the image to my post so that I’m not uploading images and I’m posting the link and image at the same time. Maybe that would help in the future.
    Thanks for the post. I will be back to revisit your blog!
    Jenny H

  15. Melissa @TheHappierHomemaker Says:

    If you had any idea how much time and energy it takes to properly “style” and photograph decor projects, edit the pics, and then write and post to a blog you would understand how people might be upset that they aren’t given proper credit.

    Of course we want to share, that’s why we blog! But just as an author wants to share a story they still want to be credited with creating it, just as I’m sure Mike would like credit for compiling the images in this blog and publishing this website. I could cut and paste this entire post into my blog but that wouldn’t be fair either, would it?

    As bloggers/authors we are here to share and inspire and SUPPORT each other, not use each other’s content to promote our own interests. (And FYI none of my content is in this post, but many of my fellow bloggers are featured without proper credit and link-back.)

  16. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality Says:

    Hello people! The reason we bloggers get all riled up is because we work very hard on our projects and when we feature other bloggers we always, always link back to the original source to credit the BLOG that did the project and took the time to photograph and put those out on the web. Sites like Shelterness are just trolling the internet, stealing photos and content from other blogs and using it all on their site to profit from others. That is NOT COOL at all! We don’t appreciate having our pics stolen and used all over blogland. THis site is probably making a LOT Of money just by using stolen and uncredited pics, just because they feel like it. That doesn’t make any of this right. You are making money off simply sharing content and pics that are NOT YOURS. You should seriously stop this practice, it is not honest nor does it show integrity by this website.

  17. Macy Says:

    Everyone just needs to chill out! The author referenced the blog that he got the photos from. If someone really wants to know who’s door it is, they will follow the link to the Southern Hospitality blog and go from there…

  18. ap Says:

    Who cares, people. I agree with carole, and others… Seriously, it’s called the internet with new technology. Use a watermark if you are getting that fussy! All we want are ideas, not to buy your stuff on YOUR blog.

  19. Dodie Says:

    With all this sniping over links and such I doubt I would link back to any of you no matter what. Get a life. What did you expect? You wanted people to see your work and then complain when they do.

  20. Gwen Says:

    Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you SHOULD do something… irregardless of technological advances.

    There is such a thing as class. And linking back to the bloggers original post is the classy, ethical thing to do. Yes, it takes time, but not THAT much. And if it takes, TOO much time, perhaps you should rethink the need to share so many ideas in one post.

    Character is evident in those that respect others ideas, hard-work, sweat-equity and imagination.

    And to all of the readers that commented about just wanting to see the ideas… These ideas are born out of a deep desire to share. We don’t not expect you to “buy our stuff off our blogs”. Most bloggers I know create and write and share out of a deep desire to express their creativity. The income most of us receive is negligible… and if you consider the amount of equity that we put into our blogs, we usually operate at a loss. And we gladly do so because of our sheer love of blogging and the amazing friendships and relationship we make through it.

    Don’t be a hater. Have class. Have character. Hold people accountable. Show love and spread peace.

  21. Donna Says:

    Would you come to my house, open the door and take my stuff? No.

    Taking pictures without consent or proper credit back is just that. Theft.

    My blog is my house. You are invited to come to my house but not take my stuff. Plain and simple. I have a right to put it out there, and you have a right to peek at it. But not steal it.

    It’s a shame a blog like Shelterness does so well by featuring other’s work. At the very least, if you do feature something, give due credit back so both your website AND the artist can gain from it.

    Use their work for your gain = feature them back with a link? Seems MORE than fair to me. They’ve done all the hard work after all.

  22. melissa*320 sycamore Says:

    Cutting off the watermark on my pictures and posting them without linking back to the original site? Not cool, Shelterness.

  23. Mike Says:

    Actually nothing was cut off by us…probably by someone else where we found the picture. Which one is yours and where should it link?

  24. Kanetha Says:

    WOW! Stopped by via Pinterest. Love the pics & your site. To the ladies (bloggers), spewing forth such venom, GET a LIFE!!! Seriously, anything posted via the world-wide-web, you have no control over how it is viewed, used or copied! So, if you don’t want to risk that then don’t put your crap out there! Goodness!

  25. Rosalina Says:

    I like this pictures…

  26. Carol Says:

    My what a friendly group! You all should be honored that your photos are somewhere where people will actually get a chance to see them.If you’re so fussy, watermark them properly. It is too bad they were not linked to the original site, that way I would know exactly which ones to avoid.

  27. Hemo218 Says:

    Loved this post and I think everyone wanting a piece of your pinterest pie is just ridiculous. Like stated by others they should watermark their stuff and if they failed to do that, they should just be thankful they can get some traffic from putting their info in the comments.

  28. Jamie Says:

    I can’t believe some of these posts! Hilarious! People who are having a fit over their pictures should get off their high horse. WHO CARES!! It’s a picture! It’s not like they came to your house, took the picture and posted it… Or stole it from your camera! It was posted on THE INTERNET!!! For EVERYONE to see and access! I you don’t want people using it then don’t post it.


  29. Brina Says:

    Hahahaaaaa! The bloggers, aka mommy’s who need to worry about their children and the homemade soap, baby food, and OF COURSE organic diapers (!) Instead of your internet picture, you ladies kill me! It may do you all good to get out of the house, get a real career,and get off of the infamous time consuming blogging, then maybe, just maybe, you may not have a total dramatic meltdown over the “theft” of your picture you posted on the INTERNET!!!! You ladies and your episodes are quite entertaining, to say the very least!!

  30. Sandi Says:

    You people who get on here and whine about the most ridiculous stuff just kills me. Get a job, volunteer somewhere and be productive. Sitting home with nothing to do is your biggest problem. Get a life…seriously.

  31. kate Says:


  32. JCAT Says:

    Came here via Pinterest also… stunned by the comments about ‘stealing’ your pictures. Take the compliment that your pictures are even being looked at. believe me… now that you have shown your true personalities I wouldn’t go to your site even if a link was provided. not feeling much ‘southern Hospitality’ nor do you seem like a happy homemaker and come on pamela- don’t sugarcoat it – you didn’t come off as ‘sniippy’ as you say… you came off as mean. i’m just saying

  33. Dawne Says:

    Seriously..its a compliment people…

  34. Cindy Says:

    Honestly, about half of these pictures are pretty uninspiring, I wouldn’t link back to them either, Shelterness. The Haters are jealous, gee,they “work hard” sitting in front of a computer and throwing a few gords out in their tract home front yard or baking yet another version of banana bread for their toddlers that no one cares about.
    Keep on keeping on, dude.

  35. Jen Says:

    I am not a blogger, but I am so offended for these people at the attack on them. First of all, I think it’s funny that some of you talk about bloggers (or stay at home moms is what it really seems to boil down to) having no life and that what they do doesn’t matter to anyone. I’m not the most creative person in the world and appreciate seeing what others might do. That’s why I go on Pinterest in the first place…why do you use it? The whole point is to find things you like and then go to the sight (or blog) that tells about it. If these people’s lives are such a pathetic disappoitment, then why are you even looking to them for ideas? Why shouldn’t they be upset when someone takes their pictures without permission? I post pictures of my kids on facebook, but if my friends were posting them eleswhere on the internet without my permission, I’d be furious! I realize that kids and a picture of a front porch are two different things, but you get the idea. They are posting those things on THEIR blog and it is THEIR work and no one should be using it without THEIR permission.

  36. Kali Says:

    I love a lot of these porches. I live on a busy street and these days people just like to steal things off of our porch. I put up a wreath and hope every day it’s still there! My favorite of these is the one with the pumpkins cut out to what I’m guessing is the house address. I must say though some of these look like they were just thrown together and the wind carried the decorations on the porch. Thanks for sharing. Some great ideas.

  37. jenny Says:

    yes it sucks that photos were stolen from other blogs – but one of the main reasons that you should give proper credit and link the photos properly is so that people can go and get MORE ideas from the same artists/stylist/stay-at-home-moms (i’m a stay at home mom. i like blogging. you really don’t need to sink so low as to make fun of that.) … some of these porches are totally not my style, but others i really like. i’d like to be able to see other photos posted by the same bloggers (maybe their porches at other times of the year? other parts of their homes? whatever), and seeing these photos on this blog is a good place to start…

  38. Liesl Says:

    These pictures were fun to look at and I got some neat ideas. I agree that the web is sort of a free for all, but respecting people doesn’t have to be lost in it all. I say to give credit where it is due, and not because it’s a law, but because we all want that from someone else. The sadder thing to me about all this is that we have beautiful, welcoming porches and front entrances, and how many people actually sit there and enjoy it?

  39. Robin Says:

    Would you simply consider linking to the photos you use? It’s really a nice thing to do. Maybe give it a little thought. Please?
    Have a great day~

  40. Madeira Sabo Says:

    Mike, you are doing a great job. The majority of readers speak and they say that no links are needed. I agree. As for you- Pamela, Robin, Jenny. GET OVER IT!!! You and the other bloggers are just peeved because Pinterest is taking away all of your traffic and do you wonder why? It’s because nobody wants to read through all of your boring banter, dribble and garb just to look at a photo when they can easily click on a Pinterest picture, look and move on. If you don’t like your paltry porch and other pics on the web, then put a “No Right Click” code in your HTML ..before I take them and post them as my own.:)

  41. Pallet Furniture Says:

    thanks for share this… i love decorating my house…..

  42. Deb Says:

    Wow, came here via Pinterest … those beetching about having had their pics stolen . . . get a life. If you don’t want others viewing the pics then either don’t post them on the web or post them so someone else can’t copy them. I would think you would view the reposting as a compliment. Do you REALLY THINK that we’re all so stupid that we would think that this blogger actually decorated 90 doors themselves? A lot of the pics here are uninspiring anyways and I wouldn’t visit your blog if there was a link. Wow, just wow on the true personalities of the bloggers where these pics came from.

  43. Jim Says:

    Um, Pam…you need to get a life. You could have simply told Mike he didn’t have permission to use your pics. Instead, you come off sounding like a bitter,angry moron. All of you should get a life. If it was my porch on this site, regardless of the time I put into it, I would be honored. Two words to describe some bloggers here: petty and pathetic.

  44. Di Says:

    Lovely ideas! Thank you. Many complaints that I wouldn’t worry about. People will always complain but the fact that you chose their porch should be a compliment! Thanks again!

  45. mari Says:

    YIKES! Instead of thanking, most are criticizing! I am not a professional blogger but even I know that if you do not want your photos to go out without credit back to you, then do not post anything WITHOUT a watermark or your blog / website name added to the photo itself, that way if anyone wants to take the time to visit your page, then all they have to do is get the info from the photo and go to the site on their own. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure this gets added to EACH and every one of your photos. I know the time it takes to set everything up, edit, write the blog entry, so take a few extra minutes to make sure your photos are copyrighted yourself, not every blogger or person that “googles” an image is going to take the time to credit you or link back to your site. Most of the time the person posting the photo has no idea where it came from in the first place, even Pinterest photos do not take you back to the original spot where the photo was ‘born’, so basically do the work up front and then you will have nothing to complain about! THANKS FOR THE POST MIKE! Got some great ideas from these pics, to be honest I found very little desire or interest to even visit the sites of those that sat here and griped about their photos being used! Happy Fall to everyone else!

  46. Sally Sawall Says:

    What an awesome site. Gave me so many ideas for this fall. Love pinterest so much. Thanks

  47. Maggie Says:

    I think people here are being awfully uptight about this. Just wondering if you could all identify your blogs so that I could AVOID you and possibly aiding you at all in terms of traffic there.

    He has apologized and has mentioned these are listed.

    I also agree with whoever posted that many of these are very simplistic and uninspired.

    The world would be a better place if people could keep their internet blog rage to themselves.

  48. Donna C Says:

    Mike, in your first comment (which is the second comment) you said in response to Allison, “You can find all links on the sites in the Reference section. I simply couldn’t link to all of them cuz my browser won’t survive so many tabs.”

    My question is where is the “Reference” section? I would like to know where this is so I can find the links to the blogs for beautiful pictures!!
    Thanks so much!!!

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