8 Amazing DIY Dipped Mugs And Cups

dyed cups and bowls

dyed cups and bowls (via marthastewart)

Continuing the theme of dipping I’d like to tell you how to dip mugs and cups to make them prettier. It’s a very easy way to decorate anything using this method, and cups are no exception. Just take the paints that you like and some masking tape – and start creating! You can easily make various patterns attaching masking tape here and there. If you want some glam, take glitter instead of paint; chalkboard paint is also cool for decorating tableware, and you can chalk some cute messages on the cups after that.  Read how to realize these ideas below and prepare some paint!

paint dipped mugs

paint dipped mugs (via themerrythought)

metallic teacups

metallic teacups (via shelterness)

chalkboard mugs

chalkboard mugs (via abeautifulmess)

gold dipped mugs

gold dipped mugs (via garlandofgraceblog)

glitter mugs

glitter mugs (via whitehouseblackshutters)

chalkboard dipped mug

chalkboard dipped mug (via witandwhistle)

chalkboard mugs and glasses

chalkboard mugs and glasses (via shelterness)

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