7 Simple DIY Flower Beds

raised flower bed

raised flower bed (via mythos-rini)

We’ve told you of some cool outdoor projects that would make your garden and patio comfortable for relaxation. This time we’ll tell you about flower beds because not all plants may be planted in pots. There are several ways to make borders like thrift store plates, river rocks, cast concrete blocks and so on. You may also use some wood or a woven basket or an old tire, there’s also an idea to use big wooden planters to create a flower bed. Look at the tutorials below and find out how to raise a flower bed and what borders to choose.

raised flower planter bed

raised flower planter bed (via ana-white)

garden flower bed

garden flower bed (via diynetwork)

flower bed in front of the house

flower bed in front of the house (via houseofhepworths)

woven flower bed

woven flower bed (via thehomesteadsurvival)

tyre flower bed

tyre flower bed (via usefuldiy)

marble chip flower bed

marble chip flower bed (via chloemoorephotography)

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