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7 Cool DIY Christmas Tree Alternatives

Painted Christmas Tree

Painted Christmas Tree

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There are plenty of different artificial Christmas trees nowadays and they are considered as modern Christmas tree alternatives by many people. Some of them looks really good and occupies less space than real ones but they usually are quite expensive. The cool thing is that with proper inspiration you can make the Christmas tree without spending more than several bucks. Check out what cool DIY Christmas trees we found for you:

  • Painted Christmas tree is good as additional tree in your house. It’s a great place to hang postcards. (via vt vonen)
  • Christmas tree made of logs and planks is rotatable and perfect place to put a lot of tealights. (via vt vonen)
  • If you have a wooden drying rack then you can easily turn it into the Christmas tree. (via Country Living)
  • Many ladders can easily be used as Christmas tree. If you have one give it a shot. (via)
  • Wine bottle Christmas tree is great solution for those who drink a lot of similar wine and have a lot of empty bottles in stock. (via)
  • Plywood Christmas tree can easily be done from two full 4×8-ft. sheets of three-quarter-inch plywood without any waste at all. (via)
  • Camera’s tripods are perfect Christmas trees. (via curbly)
Chrsitmas Tree Made Of Logs And Planks

Christmas Tree Made Of Logs And Planks

Drying Rack As Christmas Tree

Drying Rack As Christmas Tree

Ladder As Christmas Tree

Ladder As Christmas Tree

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree

Tripod Christmas Tree

Tripod Christmas Tree


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    Great diy roundup – I’ve included you in my Friday Favorites at Shrimp Salad Circus! http://shrimpsaladcircus.blogspot.com/2011/12/friday-favorites-holiday-prep.html

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