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5 Simple Yet Creative Bookshelves

Shelves by Studiove

Domina Bookshelf

Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, of Israel-based Studio Ve, have very creative bookshelves among their works. These shelves are mostly done in wood and steel but look quite unusual. For example, the Domina shelf is designed to highlight the Domino effect. The Eli shelf is perfect for a pile of standby books that are waiting to be returned to the shelf. The Newton shelf acts as the display shelf that besides some decorative elements hold your one and only beloved book.
The Nissan shelf changes the rules by making the supporters the shelf surface and the timber holds the supporters. The Separation shelf is divided for two zones for couples that live together. Everybody can organize their books creatively thanks to such unusual yet simple book shelves.

Source: studiove

Eli Bookshelf

Newton Bookshelf

Nissan Bookshelf

Separation Shelf


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