5 DIY Daybeds Of Shipping Pallets

Diy Pallet Nursery Daybed

DIY Pallet Nursery Daybed

Once again here are some very cool things that you can make of shipping pallets. These pallets are very cheap or even free to get so all these projects won’t cost much. These projects are mostly daybeds and their modifications so if you need one you’ll find an inspiration for your next DIY project among them.

    an working on a ‘reading bed’ for us. Granted this will be a great bed for naps and for kids, but it is not designed to be an adult bed. I was inspired by this picture and then made it my own.

  1. DIY Pallet Nursery Daybed from Ashleyannphotography is a great reading bed that can be used by kids for naps.
  2. DIY Modern Pallet Daybed from Casasugar is awesome for those people who like modern interiors but don’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture.
  3. DIY Pallet Reading Nook is a simple solution to read a book in comfort.
  4. DIY Pallet Sofa from Norskeinteriorblogger is a perfect solution for those situations where you need to a large sitting place.
  5. DIY Raised Pallet Daybed from Flickr is a simple yet comfortable solution for any home.
Diy Modern Pallet Daybed

DIY Modern Pallet Daybed

Diy Pallet Reading Nook

DIY Pallet Reading Nook

Diy Pallet Sofa

DIY Pallet Sofa

Diy Raised Pallet Daybed

DIY Raised Pallet Daybed

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