5 Creative DIY Shoe Storage Solutions For An Etryway

Savvy Diy Shoe Storage

Savvy DIY Shoe Storage

Shoes are often a major factor in entryway clutter. That’s why you need to come up with a creative way to storing them there. Here are 5 different DIY shoe storage solutions that might help you in that.

  1. Savvy DIY Shoe Storage from do-it-yourself is a repurposed fleamarket bin that can easily turn a pile of shoes into an organized tower.
  2. DIY Boot Rack from Country Living is a perfect solution for those who enjoy to work in their garden.
  3. DIY Pebble-Filled Tray from Martha Stewart is a very simple yet effective way to fight with wet shoes.
  4. Shoe Spots In Tile Inserts from BHG is a cool idea that can be implemented in a bench or in the floor itself. Tile inserts offer a durable, waterproof surface for muddy and wet shoes to rest.
  5. Wine Box As DIY Shoe Storage from Real Simple is a clever way to reuse a wine box wrapped in pretty paper.
Diy Boot Rack

DIY Boot Rack

Diy Pebble Filled Tray

DIY Pebble-Filled Tray

Shoe Spots In Tile Inserts

Shoe Spots In Tile Inserts

Wine Box As Shoe Storage

Wine Box As DIY Shoe Storage

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