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5 Cool DIY Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments

DIY Lightbulb Glitter Ornaments (via shelterness)

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Light bulbs is an awesome thing to make Christmas tree ornaments from. They come in different shapes which mostly works quite well as ornaments. You can also make ornaments from used light bulbs so they won’t cost you anything. To make them shiny you can apply glitter on them. To make them really cozy you can embellish them with crochet. Here are several tutorials to help you with that.

Recycled Light bulb Christmas Ornaments (via wickedstepmom)

Crochet Christmas Light Bulb Ornament (via crochetcafepatterns)

DIY Penguin Light Bulb Ornament (via craftsbyamanda)

Wonderful DIY Lightbulb Ornaments Embellished With Crochet (via freepatterns)


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