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45 Cool Kids Car Beds

Nowadays on the market you can find a lot of different furniture and decor elements especially for a kids room. Among the coolest items are car-shaped beds. Such bed is a dream for any boy and those that looks like carriage can be useful for a girls room too.

You can easily find beds that shaped like racing cars, jeeps, trains, buses, police cars and so on. Matelpro is a French company that manufacturers the most cool of them. Here are some of their beds that your kid would happy to sleep in.














































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  1. Beverly Says:

    I didn’t know they made so many car beds. I have a new appreciation for toddler beds and I can see why so many kids would love them.

  2. Kesha Says:

    I would like to buy two of these bed e can i find them photo 29
    and 26

  3. Cheap notebook Says:

    Kesha I have seen no 29 @ littlewoods.com in red and blue! These are some cool beds, I love the fire engine beds my son has a facination with him. I’ve got alot of great ideas now for redecorating his bedroom.

  4. said jarallah Says:

    is there an agent in israel for your products, i have an interest to buy a bed complete for my son. thanks

  5. Irma Says:

    i would like to buy 2 beds 21 and 2 please tell me how i can get the 2 complete bed.

  6. Rocii Bytton Says:

    How can I place my order?

  7. tanha Says:

    how can i purchase what is the cost

  8. Barbara Dumbleton Says:

    I like no. 23 and would like to know if it is a twin matress it takes and the cost

  9. Niko Patsalos Says:

    I would like to order a car bed

  10. Kat Says:

    Found this site but not sure how to get more info. i am interested in a couple of the beds on this site http://www.shelterness.com/45-cool-kids-car-beds/ and would like to know if you ship to Toronto Canada and how to process an order. thanks Kat 416-855-2214

  11. Steve Poston Says:

    How to purchase a car bed. Need the price of photo 23.
    Thanks steve

  12. liz Says:

    want to know price ofnumber 22 and do you ship to ireland
    and how long does it take also is matteres included in price

  13. ishmeet Says:

    I want to know the price of 40 no.bed

  14. Sanam Says:

    Where can I get 22 number bed in black and how much thanks

  15. thomas mutinsky Says:

    I like to get prices too

  16. Nabi Says:

    Need to know if any of the above car beds come in full or queen size

  17. pariyakorn Says:

    I’m in Thailand, do you have distributor here? and how much is it.

  18. Paola rios Says:

    Please email me the info about prices. And how. To. Go about getting one

  19. Neelu Says:

    I like to buy two beds, can you please give me the link to place order and prices too.

  20. Sidra kader Says:

    I would like to buy two beds..no.2 & no.12..can you please tell me the price and if you have matching furniture with this

  21. Kamal Says:

    I want know the price of beds

  22. Brendagh Says:

    22 21 10 11
    Please can u give me prices of these 4 beds availability and if delivery in dublin

  23. Sanam Says:

    Can u email me the price of 22 and how can I get that bed thanks

  24. Shimaa Bahbeshi Says:

    I would buy two bed no 22 & 25, so plz send me email by all info data, THANX.

  25. Wienny Says:

    I would like to know the price for no 22 and 25 please. Can you deliver to Indonesia? Thank you

  26. Debbie Says:

    I would like to buy #23 the jeep bed, how can I get this?

  27. GG Says:

    Would like to know prices for #10 and #42 please.
    Do you deliver to Canada?
    Thank you

  28. Lindsay clue Says:

    Please send me prices for photos 13,19,20,22,8 and 17. Thanks Lindsay

  29. Nida Says:

    Hello, could you plz let me know if you ship to Canada, if so, would like to know the pricing. Would also appreciate if you could let me know if any of these are available in full or queen size. Thanks

  30. Natalie Says:

    Hi I would like to no where to buy the bed in picture number 23. Thank you from Natalie

  31. srini Says:

    what is the price of bed 13

  32. Kristen Says:

    Hello, I would like to know how much the price of picture #12 is (the blue race car bed)

    Thank you!

  33. drita Says:

    Hi I would like to place an order how do I do that thanks

  34. Ankur Says:

    Hi I would like to place an order how do I do that thanks

  35. syed Says:

    How can I order for delivery in Canada.

  36. Cherie Says:

    I would like to get the prices on beds
    24, 27, 31, and 43. What are the size mattress that goes in? Twin or long twin?

  37. Kathy Says:

    I would like to get price for 12,17, and 44. What size matress for these bed? Thank ou

  38. erika Says:

    I would love to have a list of all the bed cars that I saw in this page. I really want to buy one for my son.
    Thank you

  39. Tanya Says:

    Where can I order any of these beds from? I am in Toronto Canada

  40. Sandra Says:

    Hi, Can i know how much does each bed cost?
    And what size of mattress fits it(twin or toddler)?

    Thank you

  41. pawan khanuja Says:

    i need the prices of kids bed . urgently needed fast repply will be highly appereciated ..

  42. Kristi Says:

    I am interested in either 1, 5, 33, or 42. Do you ship to Canada. What is the cost of the beds plus shipping to Alberta Canada and when would you be able to ship?


  43. xin Says:

    I like the beds above. Do you ship to Canada Alberta? What are the prices? thanks.

  44. Olga Says:

    I would like to purchase number 19 and 21. Where can I buy these and how much? Live in South Australia.

    Thank you

  45. ada Says:

    how do I place an order, and what are the prices?? do you ship to toronto, ontario?

  46. mumsie redfy Says:

    Please forward your physical address and prices.
    These beds are awesome.

  47. Ding Says:

    Good day!
    Would like to ask for the price of beds #10,26,31,32
    Your fast reply is greatly appreciated.

  48. Shadi Walid Says:

    Hello, i would like to buy one of these beds, is there a shop where i can check and woul like to know the prices

    i live in Dubai, and would like to know if there is a shop that sells these beds in Dubai or United Arab Emirates

  49. Susana Says:

    Hi, can you please provide the prices for 43 and 44. Do you have a distributor in the US? Thanks

  50. Emily Solomon Says:

    I bought a ferrari car bed from supercarbeds to my kid. it is very cool. :)

  51. Aneta Says:

    Pls send me your pricelist – i would like to order

  52. SUz Says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy a car bed for my daughter and would like to know the prices and the purchase process.

  53. Suz Says:


    Would like to know the prices and the purchase process.

  54. dav Says:

    I would like to know the prices and purchase process of bed 9 and 13. Thanks

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