40 Ideas Of Using Open Shelves On A Kitchen

There are two kind of people: ones that believe that open shelves are practical additions to standard kitchen cabinetry and others that think that they aren’t practical at all. We think that open shelves aren’t only practical but also looks great on any kitchen. There are a lot of ways you can install them there. If you have a play you definitely can make open shelves the most spectacular element of your kitchen.

There are three ways to compliment your kitchen with open shelves. The first one is to install only 2-3 shelves. Such solution is perfect to show some of your fancy tableware or vases.

The second way is to replace half of your upper cabinets with such shelves. That solution make the top of the kitchen wall looks more light and show all beautiful things you have.

The third way is to use only open shelves and don’t use upper cabinets at all. That looks much more elegant that the a traditional kitchen. Of course it’s really hard to maintain everything clean in such kitchen but beauty needs sacrifices…

Anyway enjoy the collection of kitchen with open shelves we gathered for you. You definitely will find some interesting solutions there.

Source: design-remont

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