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27 Wonderful Paper And Cardboard DIY Christmas Decorations

black and white Christmas ornaments

black and white Christmas ornaments (via minieco)

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Paper and cardboard are the simplest craft materials ever. You can handle them very easily, they are cheap and various in colors and textures. You may also craft with your kids of paper and cardboard because it’s simple and they will be delighted. Here are some ideas how to make Christmas decorations of these materials. You can make nice paper tree ornaments of different shapes using various techniques like origami, for example. They may be modern, even minimalist – black and white – or, on the contrary, vintage, of old books pages. Garlands are also very easy to make taking different templates – letters, reindeer, gifts or else. Paper wreaths look cool, colorful and are great mostly for indoors as paper may be spoilt by the snow. Choose some idea and start crafting!

DIY Christmas stars

DIY Christmas stars (via katescreativespace)

handmade window garland For Christmas

handmade window garland For Christmas (via shimelle)

DIY layered ornaments

DIY layered ornaments (via allthingspaper)

DIY Santa and reindeer garland

DIY Santa and reindeer garland (via theproperpinwheel)

embroidered paper stars

embroidered paper stars (via poindextr)

3D paper ball

3D paper ball (via craftandcreativity)

DIY paper dahlias

DIY paper dahlias (via whitefishandthingsblog)

handmade paper baubles

handmade paper baubles (via toriejayne)

colorful paper Christmas wreath

colorful paper Christmas wreath (via theredthreadblog)

paper ball Christmas ornament

paper ball Christmas ornament (via makermama)

reindeer tree decorations

reindeer tree decorations (via decoideas)

vintage dictionary tree flowers

vintage dictionary tree flowers (via fromdahliastodoxies)

printed music paper garland

printed music paper garland (via blogalacart)

woven paper balls garland

woven paper balls garland (via howaboutorange)

DIY mini present garland

DIY mini present garland (via ohhappyday)

DIY scrapbook paper balls

DIY scrapbook paper balls (via thecraftysisters)

paper ice cream ornaments

paper ice cream ornaments (via howaboutorange)

glitter paper towel stars

glitter paper towel stars (via blogalacart)

origami Christmas wreath

origami Christmas wreath (via goorigami)

simple paper ornament

simple paper ornament (via pleasenotepaper)

book page Christmas ornament

book page Christmas ornament (via creationsbykara)

colorful paper Christmas ornaments

colorful paper Christmas ornaments (via be-it-ever-so-humble)

5-pointed paper snowflakes

5-pointed paper snowflakes (via howaboutorange)

eco DIY paper wreath

eco DIY paper wreath (via puregreendesign)

origami wreath tutorial

origami wreath tutorial (via domesticali)

DIY paper garland

DIY paper garland (via hamblyscreenprints)


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  1. annie Says:

    Hi! I LOVE all of those ideas! They are all so cute! <3 :D I was totally stuck on what to make for my room as cute Christmas decor! This is perfect! Thanks!

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