26 Fantastic DIY Natural Scrubs

coconut sugar scrub

coconut sugar scrub (via thepinterestproject)

A scrub is a necessary thing for every girl – a face scrub, a lip scrub, a hand scrub or a body scrub. You can make any scrub you need yourself, it’s very easy! Use any additions and aromas you like – rosemary, sugar, coffee, brown sugar, salt or honey, lavender or citrus, coconut or shea or vanilla – choose your favorite one! A body scrub may be with larger and more rough particles, while a lip scrub, for example, should be much more tender and with oils. Look for some ideas of homemade scrub below and make some to indulge yourself!

lemon sugar body scrub

lemon sugar body scrub (via thesweetestoccasion)

lemon sugar facial scrub

lemon sugar facial scrub (via ohsoprettythediaries)

homemade sugar scrub

homemade sugar scrub (via happyhourprojects)

pumpkin spice latte body scrub

pumpkin spice latte body scrub (via craftinomicon)

organic citrus sugar scrub

organic citrus sugar scrub (via sugarandcloth)

lavender mint sugar scrub

lavender mint sugar scrub (via julieblanner)

orange sugar scrub

orange sugar scrub (via julieblanner)

coconut rose body scrub

coconut rose body scrub (via thebeautydepartment)

homemade salt scrub

homemade salt scrub (via )

vanilla brown sugar

vanilla brown sugar (via bathbodydiy)

diy coffee scrub

diy coffee scrub (via findingcoffee)

salt lemon scrub

salt lemon scrub (via thebeautydepartment)

moisturizing body scrub

moisturizing body scrub (via adelightfulhome)

vanilla sugar body scrub

vanilla sugar body scrub (via dellie)

olive oil scrub

olive oil scrub (via poofycheeks)

Hawaiian coffee scrub

Hawaiian coffee scrub (via simplemedicine)

lemon thyme salt scrub

lemon thyme salt scrub (via foodpluswords)

salt, honey, grapefruit and rosemary scrub

salt, honey, grapefruit and rosemary scrub (via )

grapefruit sugar scrub

grapefruit sugar scrub (via rumkihn)

homemade chocolate scrub

homemade chocolate scrub (via 52kitchenadventures)

gift sugar scrub

gift sugar scrub (via julieblanner)

organic sugar scrub

organic sugar scrub (via soapdelinews)

shea butter cubes scrub

shea butter cubes scrub (via soapdelinews)

soothing winter scrub

soothing winter scrub (via radmegan)

hot chocolate sugar scrub

hot chocolate sugar scrub (via funkychunks)

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