25 Cool Ideas To Place Shelves In Niches

A decorative niche with shelves is a brilliant idea! Why? Because it’s, first of all, practical, and second – is beautiful. Such a space solution is easy to make with your own hands, such a construction doesn’t make the space look smaller, and shelves is a great alternative to big furniture pieces for storage. This is a cool decorative solution that may be used anywhere – in a bedroom, living room and many other spaces, even under the stairs. If you want to highlight a niche with a different color of wallpaper, do it if you have 2 or 3 shelves, if a niche is under the stairs or if you don’t put much on the shelves; otherwise don’t do it. And now have a look at some ideas of how to create a cool and functional niche in various rooms and spaces.

Source: design-remont

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