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22 Delicious DIY Soap Recipes

coffee soap

coffee soap (via offbeatandinspired)

DIY soap is amazing because its natural and there are no harmful components and the natural aromas are so delicious! It’s also a fantastic gift for any holiday, just find out what aromas and components will suit best. It’s an amazing idea to craft with kids and for them, they’ll be happy! Have a look what inspiring variants we’ve found for you. Microwave made soap is simple, it’s crafted using a ready soap base – it won’t take much time and doesn’t require crafting skills. Glycerin soap can be also easily made and you may add any components you like – herbs, coffee beans, dried flowers or fruit zest. Blackberry, lavender, honey, beer – choose any taste you love. Cold process soap is cool for beginners. Not let’s see what gift soap ideas there are. Transparent funny soap, soap pops, LEGO soap are ideal for kids. For the winter holidays make snowflake soap and make someone happy with it! Vintage pictures soap and soap with money inside is also cool as a gift. Look for more inspiring ideas below!

handmade microwave soap

handmade microwave soap (via anestforallseasons)

diy glycerin soap

diy glycerin soap (via mybakingaddiction)

loofa soap slices

loofa soap slices (via simplemedicine)

diy milk soap

diy milk soap (via thedillfamily)

handmade tea soap

handmade tea soap (via soapdelinews)

peppermint mocha soap

peppermint mocha soap (via offbeatandinspired)

diy honey scotch ale soap

diy honey scotch ale soap (via offbeatandinspired)

simple cold process soap

simple cold process soap (via offbeatandinspired)

cold process lavender soap

cold process lavender soap (via arctida)

oils and fragrance soap

oils and fragrance soap (via soapdelinews)

black raspberry soap

black raspberry soap (via thesemomentsofmine)

transparent vintage soap

transparent vintage soap (via )

diy snowflake soap

diy snowflake soap (via toriejayne)

diy bath snow

diy bath snow (via )

gift money soap

gift money soap (via everynothingwonderful)

tweet pair soap

tweet pair soap (via etsy)

diy lego soap

diy lego soap (via justcraftyenough)

transparent soap for kids

transparent soap for kids (via craftsunleashed)

colorful diy soap

colorful diy soap (via soapdelinews)

diy aspic soap

diy aspic soap (via artsyants)

soap pops for kids

soap pops for kids (via soapdelinews)


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