22 Amazing DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

pretty pink heart card

pretty pink heart card (via blog)

The first thing your beloved should see on this day is a Valentine’s Day card! A handmade card would help you to express your feelings better and choose the words you wanna say. It’s also very sweet to spend some time making a special piece for you other half. Here are some pretty ideas of these cards. Pretty heart cards, embroidered cards, washi tape cards, collage Valentine cards, even a button one! Choose your idea – there are really simple ones and more difficult, requiring some skills. The main thing is to find the necessary words for the card – speak from your heart and with love!

DIY button bouquet card

DIY button bouquet card (via apple-crate)

DIY free prinatable card

DIY free prinatable card (via julieblanner)

chocolate valentine card

chocolate valentine card (via warmhotchocolate)

DIY pop up love card

DIY pop-up love card (via idlewife)

DIY cross stitch valentine

DIY cross-stitch valentine (via thezenofmaking)

Valentine's truth or dare

Valentine's truth or dare (via teaspoonsf)

washi tape Valentine card

washi tape Valentine card (via thesoho)

DIY card in a felt envelope

DIY card in a felt envelope (via clevercharlotte)

DIY felt valentines

DIY felt valentines (via redzoegirl)

DIY Valentine's day heart card

DIY Valentine's day heart card (via smallforbig)

DIY pixelated pop up card

DIY pixelated pop-up card (via minieco)

DIY memento card

DIY memento card (via urbanthreads)

DIY collage valentine

DIY collage valentine (via designsponge)

DIY origami heart card

DIY origami heart card (via goorigami)

simple DIY card

simple DIY card (via teaspoonsf)

red and white Valentine's Day cards

red and white Valentine's Day cards (via thetastefullife)

DIY card sets

DIY card sets (via thetastefullife)

doily Valentine cards

doily Valentine cards (via valleyandcolifestyle)

Valentine mini cards

Valentine mini cards (via keepingitindie)

pop up heart Valentine's card

pop-up heart Valentine's card (via radmegan)

DIY air kite valentines

DIY air kite valentines (via blogs)

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