19 Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Tutorials For Any Occasion

vintage inspired pendant with a lady portrait

vintage-inspired pendant with a lady portrait (via evi-jewelry)

Vintage is very popular today because it’s exquisite and beautiful; people use vintage anywhere – from décor to their own look. That’s why we’ve decided to gather some tutorials of vintage jewelry – vintage-inspired and made of vintage pieces. Vintage buttons, beads, clocks, keys and tags – this is just the beginning of the list of materials you may use. There is not only casual jewelry but also some pieces for your wedding day like a refined vintage bracelet and a 1930s retro headpiece – just choose your piece and begin creating a stylish addition to your look. Have a look at the ideas below and enjoy!

gilded ball drop earrings

gilded ball drop earrings (via shelterness)

vintage button bracelet

vintage button bracelet (via jfrancesdesign)

cabochon jewelry

cabochon jewelry (via thehappierhomemaker)

rhinestone bracelet

rhinestone bracelet (via weddingomania)

pearl necktie

pearl necktie (via makingniceinthemidwest)

vintage purse pendant

vintage purse pendant (via shelterness)

vintage button ring

vintage button ring (via buttonsgaloreandmore)

vintage spool necklace

vintage spool necklace (via mysocalledcraftylife)

1930s wedding headpiece

1930s wedding headpiece (via weddingomania)

vintage tag necklace

vintage tag necklace (via evi-jewelry)

vintage button earrings

vintage button earrings (via twinkleandtwine)

antique stamp necklace

antique stamp necklace (via halfcraftstudio)

vintage brooch bracelet

vintage brooch bracelet (via petitelefant)

unusual vintage pendant

unusual vintage pendant (via katalinajewelry)

vintage stud wedding earrings

vintage stud wedding earrings (via weddingomania)

retro button necklace

retro button necklace (via jfrancesdesign)

vintage inspired pearl earrings

vintage-inspired pearl earrings (via delightfullydiy)

vintage resin necklace

vintage resin necklace (via happyhourprojects)

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