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19 Simple DIY Pet Beds

round suitcase pet bed

round suitcase pet bed (via camillestyles)

Your pet needs the best things! Make a pet bed for your little friend – that’s very easy. A cat or a dog bed is very easy to make of an old suitcase – all you need to do is take just one half of it and put something soft into the case. If your dog spends much time outside, then it’ll need a doghouse – make it of wood. A pallet can be easily turned into a dog bed and if you attach wheels, it would be easy to move. Another idea of a pet bed is a soft pillow that you can make yourself taking just some fabric and stuffing. Look for more ideas below and choose your tutorial!

vintage suitcase dog bed

vintage suitcase dog bed (via )

red suitcase dog bed

red suitcase dog bed (via mysocalledcraftylife)

pallet dog bed

pallet dog bed (via camillestyles)

diy round dog bed

diy round dog bed (via housemadeblog)

fabulous cat bed

fabulous cat bed (via junkcamp)

box cat bed

box cat bed (via hindsvikathome)

diy suitcase dog bed

diy suitcase dog bed (via designsponge)

nightstand pet bed

nightstand pet bed (via diynetwork)

dog wrap pillow

dog wrap pillow (via bhg)

raised dog bed

raised dog bed (via jezzeblog)

scrappy dog bed

scrappy dog bed (via )

poochie pillow

poochie pillow (via modabakeshop)

recycled sweaters pet bed

recycled sweaters pet bed (via craftstylish)

recycled skirt pet bed

recycled skirt pet bed (via unusuallyunusualfarmchick)

chic pet bed

chic pet bed (via inspirationrealisation)

luxurious pet bed

luxurious pet bed (via wkdesigner)

quilted pet bed

quilted pet bed (via bhg)

fleece dog bed tutorial

fleece dog bed tutorial (via erinerickson)


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