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19 Colorful DIY Beach Totes

flamingo beach tote

flamingo beach tote (via inspirationrealisation)

If you are getting ready for beach season, or have already started it, you definitely need a beach tote to store all those things you need for going to the beach. We’ve found some ideas for you to make one. You can make one of a net bag, shopping bag, straw bag, a towel and just fabric. If you are good at crocheting – you know what to do! If you make a transparent bag of window screen, the contents of your bag would be an accessory also. Recycle an old tee into a cool fringed beach bag, it’s very easy! Below you’ll find some more ideas to make beach totes, get inspired!

ikat beach bag

ikat beach bag (via shelterness)

reversible beach tote

reversible beach tote (via momitforward)

net bag

net bag (via honestlywtf)

low cost beach bag

low cost beach bag (via alittleglassbox)

simple beach bag

simple beach bag (via suziestudios)

upcycled beach straw bag

upcycled beach straw bag (via letsgosunning)

beach towel tote bag

beach towel tote bag (via easilydiy)

vintage-styled beach tote

vintage-styled beach tote (via fabricpaperglue)

canvas beach tote

canvas beach tote (via lizmarieblog)

nautical canvas bag

nautical canvas bag (via thepinterestproject)

crocheted beach bag

crocheted beach bag (via maizehutton)

mesh beach bag

mesh beach bag (via pm-betweenthelines)

crochet straw beach bag

crochet straw beach bag (via craftpassion)

no sew beach tote

no sew beach tote (via henryhappened)

colorful summer beach bag

colorful summer beach bag (via diyncrafts)

striped beach tote

striped beach tote (via sayyestohoboken)

old tee beach tote

old tee beach tote (via blog)

heart beach tote

heart beach tote (via teenvogue)


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