18 Valentine’s Day Heart Crafts

DIY heart key ring

DIY heart key ring (via lovemaegan)

Hearts on Valentine’s Day is the coolest and most expected thing, you may see them anywhere – as garlands, home decorations, jewelry, on valentines and even on clothes. Let’s see what we can do ourselves. Here are some ideas. Mittens and hand warmers with hearts are the coolest gift and will warm your beloved on cold days. Decorate your home with heart garlands, ceiling lamps and wall art pieces – that looks so cute! Heart valentines of dough and paper are simple in making and look fantastic! Necklaces, brooches and other heart jewelry are great not only for you but also for your kids. Look for more ideas below and enjoy this holiday!

DIY felt heart brooch

DIY felt heart brooch (via )

DIY heart mittens

DIY heart mittens (via shelterness)

DIY paper heart garland

DIY paper heart garland (via shelterness)

DIY heart wall art piece

DIY heart wall art piece (via shelterness)

DIY flet heart garland

DIY flet heart garland (via shelterness)

DIY 3D paper heart garland

DIY 3D paper heart garland (via beyondbeyond)

DIY crayon heart valentine

DIY crayon heart valentine (via whipperberry)

DIY heart hand warmers

DIY heart hand warmers (via petitelefant)

DIY glitter dough valentine

DIY glitter dough valentine (via make-life-lovely)

DIY heart berry valentine

DIY heart berry valentine (via busy-mommy)

DIY heart brooch and flats

DIY heart brooch and flats (via )

DIY felt heart pillows

DIY felt heart pillows (via make-life-lovely)

DIY heart strings

DIY heart strings (via houseofjoyfulnoise)

DIY heart chandelier necklace

DIY heart chandelier necklace (via madiganmade)

DIY glitter heart tag

DIY glitter heart tag (via )

DIY decoupage heart necklace

DIY decoupage heart necklace (via warmhotchocolate)

DIY heart earring holder

DIY heart earring holder (via violetlebeaux)

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