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18 Delicious Edible Christmas Gifts That You Can Easily Make Yourself

chocolate raspberry and rum truffles (via gomakeme)

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What can be more delicious than a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows inside? Or a cup of hot tea with fantastic Christmas cookies? That’s why today we’’ find out what easy edible Christmas gifts you can make without having a good cooking skill. First of all, cookies. Yeap, cookies are the most traditional Christmas dessert, mostly in the shapes of a tree, a snowman, a gingerbread man or a bell. To give a twist to the cookies, make pops of them. Usual donuts bought in the closest shop can be converted into amazing ones using sanding sugar, glaze and white chocolate. Hot fudge sauce will make the tea time dreamy and very tasty. Look at the tutorials below and start making sweet gifts!

Christmas cookie pops (via thedecoratedcookie)

reindeer cake pops (via seevanessacraft)

delicious glazed donuts (via studiodiy)

hot cocoa jar (via sparkandchemistry)

rocky Christmas trees (via lovefromginger)

candy cane lollipops (via makelifelovely)

Santa suit candy cups (via hungryhappenings)

shaped marshmallow (via tikkido)

penguin pops (via blog)

cups with cocoa and marshmallows (via mariajustdoit)

hot fudge sauce (via creationsbykara)

peppermint rice crispies (via aspicyperspective)

snowman pops (via seevanessacraft)

Rudolf candy bars (via hungryhappenings)

chocolate mice (via happyhourprojects)

Christmas tree pops (via thedecoratedcookie)

sugar cone Santa hats (via hungryhappenings)


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