18 Cool DIY Christmas Candleholders

snow drift candle holder

snow drift candle holder (via )

Candles help to create an amazing cozy atmosphere that is so important for the holidays coming. You can make an exciting centerpiece, decorate your mantel, window sill, even your porch. Have a look at some cool Christmas candle holder ideas that you can make yourself. Decorate some glass jars with stickers, sequins, glitter or paint; attach some yarn and bows, little branches and pine cones. Wrap the jar with burlap, an artichoke head, paper pictures, or just put a tea light candle into a piece of birch. Have a look at the photos below and seek for your inspiration, I’m sure, you’ll find it!

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easy christmas candle holder

easy christmas candle holder (via blogher)

golden glitter candle holder

golden glitter candle holder (via marthastewart)

diy christmas yarn candle holder

diy christmas yarn candle holder (via kellylyfe)

painted advent candle holders

painted advent candle holders (via )

holiday twig candle holder

holiday twig candle holder (via myhoneysplace)

diy glitter candle holders

diy glitter candle holders (via collegefashion)

christmas stone candle holder

christmas stone candle holder (via sugarbeauty-x)

snowflakes candle holder

snowflakes candle holder (via uniqapoly)

glitter tealight candle holders

glitter tealight candle holders (via )

stenciled burlap candle holders

stenciled burlap candle holders (via justcraftyenough)

artichoke candle holder

artichoke candle holder (via delicooks)

paper angles candle holders

paper angles candle holders (via craftandcreativity)

golden foil candle holders

golden foil candle holders (via lebenslustiger)

illustrated candle holders

illustrated candle holders (via blog)

diy birch wood candle holders

diy birch wood candle holders (via oleanderandpalm)

glitter bottle candle holders

glitter bottle candle holders (via nelliebellie)

pine cone candle holders

pine cone candle holders (via sheepy)

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