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17 Stitched DIY Mug Cozy Tutorials

Custom Sized Mug Cosy Tutorial (via hazelnutgirl)

I already showed you a bunch of cool tutorials showing how you can cozy up your cups for Winter. All they envolved knitting or crocheting skills but not many of us have them. That’s why I’ve gathered here a bunch of more coffee cup cozy tutorials that feature really simple ways to make them from cotton fabric, felt and other stuff. For the hardest ones you’ll need to do some stitching but you’ll also find easy tutorials too. Enjoy!

Funny DIY Cup Cozy (via atelier-cherry)

Felted DIY Floral Cup Cozy (via simplicity)

Cozy Coffee Sleeve Tutorial (via alysonspetals)

DIY Fabric Coffee Cozy (via liberatecreativity)

How To Make Your Own Coffee Cosy (via practicallyfunctional)

DIY Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves (via craftystaci)

DIY Coffee/Tea Cozies (via seelamade)

Tie Coffee Cozy Tutorial (via limeandaquastudio)

Fabric coffee sleeve tutorial (via skiptomylou)

Stitched DIY Coffee Cup Cozy (via sneezerville)

DIY Mug Cozy Of Cotton Fabric (via craftystaci)

Custom Fit DIY Mug Cozy (via lisaclarke)

DIY Coffee Cozy For Fathers Day (via thatartistwoman)

DIY Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy (via starwarsblog)

Easy DIY Felt Coffee Cozies (via purlbee)

DIY Ruffled Coffee Cozy (via cheepideas)


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