17 Light Handmade Summer Dresses

pink patterned dress

pink patterned dress (via sewcaroline)

A summer dress is a light outfit wearing which you won’t feel hot and would be comfortable and very feminine. A colorful dress would be a great piece that you can make yourself. Repurpose some tunic or tee, or even a maxi skirt into a cute dress, which would be easy to make. You may also take some fabric and sew a cool dress, it all depends on your skill, just choose some pretty fabric, flower-patterned or whatever you like. If you choose some light fabric, you won’t be hot. Have a look at some tutorials below and start creating!

yoga pants repurposed dress

yoga pants repurposed dress (via finecraftguild)

maxi skift nautical dress

maxi skift nautical dress (via manouvellemode)

colorful summer dress

colorful summer dress (via couturella)

pleated dress

pleated dress (via ourlifeisbeautiful)

tank top dress

tank top dress (via lyllosmig)

thrifted summer dress

thrifted summer dress (via tulleandtrinkets)

cherry picking dress

cherry picking dress (via lyllosmig)

stitched patterned dress

stitched patterned dress (via threeyearsofdeath)

simple summer dress

simple summer dress (via whiletheysnooze)

geometric summer dress

geometric summer dress (via scaredstitchless)

striped maxi dress

striped maxi dress (via sokaachi)

light summer dress

light summer dress (via asmallsnippet)

boho maxi dress

boho maxi dress (via sweet-verbena)

vintage maxi dress

vintage maxi dress (via icandyhandmade)

easiest maxi dress ever

easiest maxi dress ever (via cationdesigns)

boho maxi dress

boho maxi dress (via sweet-verbena)

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