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17 Awesome Handmade Outdoor Fountains

bamboo fountain (via safaffect)

Fountains make us relax and stay calm because many people like the sound of falling water. And as we continue to tell you about outdoor pieces for your garden and patio – we’ve gathered a collection of cool diy fountains. The simplest idea is to make a fountain of planters or pots – they are easy to combine and be set into a piece. Stones are also great for composing a fountain and they look amazingly natural – as a spring coming from the inside. Bubble fountain is very actual for Easter. Look for some more cool fountains below and start decorating your patio!

small patio fountain with stones (via shelterness)

low-maintenance water feature (via familyhandyman)

flower pot fountain (via thehappyhomebodies)

creative stone fountain (via instructables)

backyard fountain (via hiphousegirl)

pond with a waterfall fountain (via familyhandyman)

colorful garden fountain (via thatswhatchesaid)

modern garden feature (via thegardenglove)

flowing fountain (via familyhandyman)

vase water feature (via ericaglasener)

blue planters waterfall (via jparisdesigns)

bubble fountain (via todayscreativeblog)

vertical water feature (via onetenplustwo)

garden fountain (via gardening)

solar powered water fountain (via solarpanelspower)

flower pot fountain (via thehappyhomebodies)


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  1. Susan - saf affect Says:

    Thanks for including my project and for the top spot! It was really an easy water feature to execute and provides great enjoyment on my balcony.

  2. Claudia Dapaz Says:

    Estan muy buenas las ideas que nos dan para aprovecar a veces cosas que tenemos guradadas pudiendoles dar un lugar armonizador en nuestro hogar … Gracias por hacernos compañia, dandonos al mismo tiempo aprovechar sus apotes, o tenerlo sen cuenta en su momento…

  3. Claudia Dapaz Says:

    Hace tiempo que me da vuelta como rehacer una fuente de agua, siendo tan agradable su sonido, teniendo en cuenta articulos guardados, y poder armar otra, ya que se me rompio la que tenia…

  4. Alka Says:

    Awesome Ideas Never seen before
    Very much impressed.

  5. Rich C-L Says:

    No offence, but mine is better than most of these AND it’s cheap and easy to do…

  6. madam mody Says:

    very beautiful ,useful , intereting ,creative an dhelpful thanku

  7. Bobbi Says:

    I am looking for a fountain to hang on a wall. Have any suggestions?

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