16 DIY Beach-Inspired Wall Art Ideas

beachy wall art

beachy wall art (via thespeckleddog)

Make a beach-inspired wall art to remind you of sunny and bright holidays. There are some easy ways to do that, depending on your creativity and materials you wanna use. Shells and pebbles are great for such crafts and use can make any patterns using them. Wall pendants of sea glass are amazing and colorful and help to create a relaxed atmosphere. Star fish and shells in combination with burlap make a great and simple wall art piece suitable for a traditional interior or a holiday home. Sea glass ornaments are a fantastic decoration and are great for Christmas tree décor also. Look for some more cool ideas below and enjoy!

beautiful wall art piece

beautiful wall art piece (via craftsncoffee)

beach starfish plaque

beach starfish plaque (via craftsbyamanda)

shell wall art

shell wall art (via sandandsisal)

sea glass wall hanging

sea glass wall hanging (via visiblymoved)

sea glass ornament

sea glass ornament (via valleyandcolifestyle)

easy beach creatures wall art

easy beach creatures wall art (via shine)

stick beach plaque

stick beach plaque (via shelterness)

starfish and burlap wall art

starfish and burlap wall art (via honeyandmaplesyrup)

destination board

destination board (via taradennis)

water color anchor canvas

water color anchor canvas (via craftyscrappyhappy)

seaside wall art

seaside wall art (via taradennis)

sea shells bedroom sparkle

sea shells bedroom sparkle (via poindextr)

sea glass wall art

sea glass wall art (via creativeinchicago)

sealife canvas art

sealife canvas art (via nestofposies-blog)

sea fan art

sea fan art (via trexathome)

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