16 Amazing Gingerbread Christmas Crafts

gingerbread house on the rim of your mug

gingerbread house on the rim of your mug (via notmartha)

Gingerbread is one of the symbols of Christmas, gingerbread houses and a gingerbread man are not only cool and beautiful but also very tasty. You may make these crafts together with your kids and enjoy the time spent together. You may also craft some pieces connected with this idea like gingerbread puppets, chalkboard gingerbread garlands, a gingerbread gift box and so on. A felt gingerbread house candle holder will make your house cozy. Make gingerbread crayons and treat bags for your kids. And, of course, one of the main traditional desserts – a delicious gingerbread house decorated with whipped cream or any other tasty thing. Make a detailed big house or a simple one to put on your cup and enjoy your Christmas tea party!

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felt gingerbread house candle holder

felt gingerbread house candle holder (via gomakeme)

gingerbread with icing

gingerbread with icing (via sweetopia)

gingerbread crayons

gingerbread crayons (via toriejayne)

gingerbread cookies garage

gingerbread cookies garage (via cutefoodforkids)

gingerbread brownstone

gingerbread brownstone (via kitchentablescraps)

gingerbread teahouse

gingerbread teahouse (via twigandthistle)

handmade gingerbread cookies with swans

handmade gingerbread cookies with swans (via gomakeme)

chalkboard gingerbread

chalkboard gingerbread (via curlybirds)

DIY gingerbread felt stocking

DIY gingerbread felt stocking (via dreamalittlebigger)

handmade gingerbread man puppet

handmade gingerbread man puppet (via thingsforboys)

traditional gingerbread houses

traditional gingerbread houses (via celebrations)

DIY gingerbread gift box

DIY gingerbread gift box (via craftsunleashed)

haunted gingerbread house

haunted gingerbread house (via number-2-pencil)

gingerbread treat bags

gingerbread treat bags (via mychiclife)

open end gingerbread house

open-end gingerbread house (via pizzazzerie)

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