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15 Smart DIY Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

DIY Cabinet Rollouts (via familyhandyman)

Those of you who always search for a way to organize your kitchen better came into the right place. We’ve gathered for you 15 really smart DIY projects that show how you can upgrade your cabinets to make them more practical and useful. These upgrades include making pull-out drawers, in-cabinet wine glass holders, and different racks to organize pans, pots, lids and other stuff. Most of these upgrades are quite easy so don’t hesitate to implement them.

p.s. We also have a large collection of tips that will help you organize your kitchen better.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet For A MIxer (via shelterness)

Closet Rack In A KItchen Cabinet (via lifehacker)

DIY In-cabinet WIne Glass Holder (via familyhandyman)

DIY Pull-Out Drawer By The Fridge (via learning-to-b-me)

DIY Chopping Block (via shelterness)

DIY Under-Cabinet Drawers (via familyhandyman)

DIY Pot Lid Rack Inside Of A Cabinet (via simplebites)

Hooks To Store Pots In A Cabinet (via childfreechic)

Plastic Bag Holder On A Cabinet Door (via familyhandyman)

DIY Pot Lid Organzier (via instructables)

DIY Canned Food Organizer (via classyclutter)

DIY Pan Organizer For A Large Drawer (via houzz)

DIY Angled Shelving To Organize Spices In A Drawer (via familyhandyman)

DIY Paper Tower Cubby (via southernliving)


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  1. Ruth Says:

    All I can say is these kitchen you show have a LOT more cabinet space to throw around and surrender than I do! seriously one whole cabinet for soups? and give up a drawer for paper towel dispensing!?? Switch to cloth napkins and you wouldnt need that! The ONLY thing on this site I can glean and use, is the curtain rod mounted to hold pot lids, and it only holds 3 but it helped.

  2. Judy Davis Says:

    I have MS, and confined to a Motorwheelchair now. We are selling this house and getting one that I can have independence in the Kitchen and other parts of the house… and when I saw this.. I thought I can use all but one of he pictures.. I have tried to think of how to make things easy.. for me to get to.. the pull outs for storage by the Fridge might have to be fixed different but the rest is like an answer to prayer .. I thank you so much.. so very much… Judy…

  3. Terah Says:

    Personally, I like the closet shelving tilted to hold can goods! Sure beats lining them up one behind the other or stacked on top of each other.

  4. Vicki Milam Says:

    I think all these ideas are fantastic. I wish I had thought of them myself, but they are great and I am going to get started getting mine in order. Great ideas and space savers not to mention that they will keep things much tidier. Thanks for sharing.

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