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15 Really Cool DIY Kindle Covers And Cases

Diy Kindle Case

DIY Kindle Case

If you’re a happy owner of any Kindle then you probably already know how expensive cute Kindle cases are. Although that isn’t really a problem because you can make a cool case, cover or sleeve for your precious device by yourself. All you need is a proper inspiration and tutorial. That’s why I gathered all these tutorials to help you. Don’t hesitate to try one of these projects. The result might impress you and it will definitely save you some money.

  1. DIY Kindle Case from dixiemango
  2. DIY Book-Style Kindle Cover from onepearlbutton
  3. DIY Custom Fabric Kindle Case from thespottedfox
  4. DIY Custom Kindle Cover And Stand In One from chicaandjo
  5. Cute DIY Kindle Cover from sevensistersinchrist
  6. DIY Book And Sweater Kindle Sleeve from flickr
  7. DIY Kindle Cover Of A Blazer And A Tie from selectiveperfectionism
  8. DIY Book Kindle Case from cozihome
  9. DIY Kindle Keeper from polkadotchair
  10. DIY Kindle Sleeve from happyintheinbetween
  11. DIY Knitted Kindle Sock from redhatknitter
  12. DIY Moleskine Kindle Case from dylanbeattie
  13. DIY Patchwork Kindle Cover from frizzylizzie
  14. DIY Wooden Kindle Case from instructables
  15. DIY Zipped Kindle Cover from dixiemango
Diy Book Style Kindle Cover

DIY Book Style Kindle Cover

Diy Custom Fabric Kindle Case

DIY Custom Fabric Kindle Case

Diy Custom Kindle Cover And Stand In One

DIY Custom Kindle Cover And Stand In One

Diy Cute Kindle Cover

Cute DIY Kindle Cover

Diy Book And Sweater Kindle Sleeve

DIY Book And Sweater Kindle Sleeve

Diy Kindle Cover Of A Blazer And A Tie

DIY Kindle Cover Of A Blazer And A Tie

Diy Book Kindle Case

DIY Book Kindle Case

Diy Kindle Keeper

DIY Kindle Keeper

Diy Kindle Sleeve

DIY Kindle Sleeve

Diy Knitted Kindle Sock

DIY Knitted Kindle Sock

Diy Moleskine Kindle Case

DIY Moleskine Kindle Case

Diy Patchwork Kindle Cover

DIY Patchwork Kindle Cover

Diy Wooden Kindle Case

DIY Wooden Kindle Case

Diy Zipped Kindle Cover

DIY Zipped Kindle Cover


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