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15 Ideas To Hang Christmas Lights In A Bedroom

If you want to adorn your bedroom with Christmas lights then you came into the right place to find some inspiration. If these creative ideas to hang holidays lights isn’t enough then check out all these pictures below. It isn’t hard to decorate your bedroom with lights but make it comfy and romantic isn’t as easy as it sounds. Anyway, enjoy!

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  1. Maruysa Says:

    the last one is like from the dream…

  2. rukawa Says:

    This is great ideas…

  3. Tara Galuska Says:

    I’d be happy to have lights hanging in my bedroom all year round. Super pretty!

  4. Harry Says:

    good idea,feeling good~ ^^

  5. cynthia jackson Says:

    Great idea for bedroom !!!

  6. laura Says:

    how do you hang them up? do you need to use tacks or something? cuz im not allowed to but i dont think tape will hold it up, im not sure…help!

  7. Laura Says:

    Try using the 3M command hooks! They have clear ones so they won’t be so obvious.

  8. Angelina Says:

    Where are the directions on thief to do these? Can someone please give them to me. Thanks,Angelina

  9. Brooke Says:

    Wont the lights burn the curtains? Is it safe?

  10. Brooke Says:

    Wont it burn the curtains?

  11. shokufe Says:

    so nice!

  12. zahra Says:

    perfect and so pretty.tnx




  14. Drew Says:

    I made a headboard from old pallets and attached rope lights under the the top board of the headboard looks awesome and a great reading light just the right amount of light to read and watch tv in bed.

  15. Ramona Burkhead Says:

    All the bedroom light ideas are awesome. Worried about lights burning fabric. Please advise.

  16. Gw Says:

    The lights should not burn our harm anything if they are LED lights. LED lights don’t give off heat.

  17. Ashley Says:

    I just hung them around my blinds in my room, its so cool because at night they look like stars!

  18. Krisha Joshi Says:

    Soo beautiful..<3

  19. Angelina Says:

    I love the very last one I think I will do that to

  20. Maddie Says:

    What colour are the string lights? Warm white or white?

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