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15 DIY Watercolor Projects For Home Décor

watercolor stripe napkins

watercolor stripe napkins (via almostmakesperfect)

Do you like to paint? If you do, this roundup is for you because today we are talking about watercolor DIYs. Watercolor decorations are very trendy today, and you needn’t buy an expensive watercolor rug or painting while you can do it yourself. Watercolor wall art is so romantic, just buy some paints, paper and brushes and turn on your creativity! Water coloring fabric is more difficult but if you want to do that, start from pillows and napkins. Give your plants a trendy home by water coloring some planters. Make your morning sparkle with a watercolor coffee mug! Find out how to realize these and some other projects below!

straw painting watercolor art

straw painting watercolor art (via growcreative)

watercolor and photo art

watercolor and photo art (via laughalittleharder)

watercolor mugs

watercolor mugs (via invisibly)

state watercolor art

state watercolor art (via https:)

watercolor napkins

watercolor napkins (via papernstitchblog)

dripped watercolor pot

dripped watercolor pot (via growcreative)

watercolor tags

watercolor tags (via eatdrinkchic)

easy watercolor wall art

easy watercolor wall art (via cassandramonroe)

watercolor map art

watercolor map art (via allparenting)

watercolor pillow

watercolor pillow (via persialou)

watercolor lampshade

watercolor lampshade (via madincrafts)

sweet watercolor mug

sweet watercolor mug (via thewonderforest)

watercolor desk calendar

watercolor desk calendar (via simplesilverlinings)

neon watercolor lampshade

neon watercolor lampshade (via ilovetocreateblog)


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