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15 Cool DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments

Modern DIY Paper Holiday Ornaments (via shelterness)

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Paper is the great material for homemade Christmas tree ornaments. Such ornaments won’t cost you much but with all these different papers available you can come up with something really cool and creative. From paper you can make flowers, small christmas trees, ice creams, animals, hearts and a lot of other things that could easily find a place on your Christmas tree. Enjoy these 15 tutorials!

DIY Christmas Tree Paper Ornaments (via thesweetestoccasion)

DIY Minimalist Paper Christmas Ornaments (via scandinaviandeko)

DIY Easy Paper Ice Cream Ornaments (via howaboutorange)

Homemade Paper Stars (via familyfun)

DIY Origami Ornaments (via wabisabi-style)

DIY 3D Paper Ball Ornaments (via howaboutorange)

DIY Paper Lantern Ornaments (via thecraftycrow)

DIY Paper Animal Christmas Ornaments (via voyagesofthecreativevariety)

Tiny DIY Paper Stars (via thatsmyletter)

DIY Paper Heart Ornaments (via reesedixon)

Handmade Paper Flowers To Use As Stylish Christmas Ornaments (via findinspirations)

Handmade Paper Curl Ornaments (via christyrobbins)

Handmade Paper Dove Ornaments (via accordingtolei)

Glass Ball Ornaments Decorated With Tissue Paper (via freshhomeideas)


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  1. Sparkle and Co Says:

    I’ll try to make some with my todd!!! Great idea

  2. geri Says:

    i’m looking for directions for spiked balls we made out of old wrapping paper when we were kidss. i lost the directions. can someone help?

  3. Lonnie Says:

    “15 Cool DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornaments | Shelterness” was indeed
    a extremely wonderful blog, . I hope you keep composing and I will keep on browsing!
    Many thanks ,Mellisa

  4. rnjhtyotirnh Says:


  5. Kaila Says:

    All of these ideas are wonderful and looks like fun to make by just using paper sheets! . BTW, thanks for sharing :)

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