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14 Useful DIY Facial Masks

moisturizing Greek yogurt face mask (via henryhappened)

There are so many ways to take care of yourself using usual products! You may make natural soap, body butters and lotions, lip balms and now we’d like to tell you of some facial masks made of natural products. For purifying your skin take clay, baking soda and citrus, to make your skin glow cook a turmeric mask. Wanna rejuvenate your face? Make a banana, kiwi, avocado and buttermilk mask – your face would look brilliant! For cleaning the face, brightening and smoothing it make a honey and lemon facial mask, it would also dry out pimple and minimize pore size. Nutmeg and cinnamon mask can reduce swelling and redness in your skin, as well as soothe acne scars. For nourishing and brightening the skin pumpkin masks are perfect as pumpkins are rich in vitamins A and C. Look for some more masks below and choose the one you need.

purifying clay face mask (via blog)

glowing skin turmeric mask (via henryhappened)

baking soda and grapefruit cleaning mask (via thelovelycupboard)

nourishing avocado, kiwi, banana, and buttermilk mask (via cookingwithchopin)

skin-smotthing honey and lemon facial mask (via urbanbushbabes)

smoothing cinnamon and nutmeg facial mask (via delightfully-tacky)

egg firming facial mask (via bathbodydiy)

nourishing pumpkin facial mask (via sheknows)

cleaning avocado egg face mask (via noobcook)

fruit mask for radiating skin (via gardenofbeauty)

hydrating honey and avocado mask (via dailycandy)

moisturizing avocado and lemon mask (via dailycandy)

skin softening strawberry mask (via kristineldridge)


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