14 Awesome DIY Outdoor Planters

cinder block planters

cinder block planters (via handsoccupied)

For your patio or garden you’ll need some cool planters to plant your favorite flowers which can’t be planted into the earth. There are so many ideas! For minimalist style take concrete and make some planters of them; repurpose some things to make a pot – a piece of felt, an old dresser, a chair, or an old tyre – eco-friendliness is always popular! Wooden planters are always popular, eco-friendly and look amazing. A basket or a burlap planter looks original and the latter is awesome for Easter. Enjoy some more tutorials below and choose an idea for your garden or patio!

stacked outdoor planters

stacked outdoor planters (via shelterness)

basket planter

basket planter (via cornflowerbluestudio)

old dresser planter

old dresser planter (via shelterness)

concrete planters

concrete planters (via radmegan)

wood planters on casters

wood planters on casters (via shelterness)

burlap fabric planter

burlap fabric planter (via themotherhuddle)

concrete planters from pavers

concrete planters from pavers (via shelterness)

chevron planter box

chevron planter box (via zelophotoblog)

tyre planter

tyre planter (via shelterness)

tiered outdoor planter

tiered outdoor planter (via shelterness)

tree stump planters

tree stump planters (via shelterness)

wooden planter

wooden planter (via shelterness)

hanging felt planter

hanging felt planter (via shelterness)

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