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13 Cute Valentine’s Day Breakfast Crafts

DIY Valentine's Day toast (via cutefoodforkids)

In two weeks we’ll celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year, and everybody thinks of how to spend this day with his or her other half best of all. If you live together already, the best beginning of the day is a Valentine’s Day breakfast. You may not only cook delicious food for your beloved but also add a romantic touch to every piece. Start from tableware painting hearts on mugs, don’t forget of tea bags – add some handmade tags with hearts or flowers. And now it’s time for food, here there’s a diversity of ideas: milk heart cubes, sugar hearts, heart-shaped pancakes, heart cookies and cupcakes, toasts with heart-shaped fried eggs and many other idea – look don and enjoy your romantic holiday!

DIY heart-shaped pancakes (via thesisterscafe)

DIY sausage and cheese appetizer (via sunshineandsippycups)

DIY tea bags (via silliesmile)

DIY heart milk cubes (via asubtlerevelry)

DIY pancake doodles (via moredesignplease)

DIY jam heart biscuits (via theprettyblog)

DIY strawberry heart shortcakes (via omnomicon)

DIY cinnamon rolls (via poppiesatplay)

DIY red velvet whoopie pies (via polliblog)

DIY heart pound cake (via boulderlocavore)

DIY painted mug (via thethings-we-do)

DIY pink sugar hearts (via craftmenot)


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