12 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Wraps, Tags And Boxes

DIY box with a felt heart

DIY box with a felt heart (via facilysencillo)

To make your gift exclusive for your second half, you may wrap it with personalized paper, make a special box or add a tag. Here are some cute DIY ideas for that case. Burlap is amazing rustic fabric; make a bow or a rose of it and attach using glue. Polymer clay is a very modern material, rather easy in using and perfect for creating a marvelous gift box. Some more boxes may be made of match boxes and just usual ones – if you add some colored paper, hearts and bows. Paper is ideal for making roses, hearts and bows for decoration; you may also easily make a tag of it. Even a chocolate bar may be personalized if you add some cool wrap. Look for some more ideas below and Happy Valentine’s Day!

DIY burlap wrapping

DIY burlap wrapping (via thecheesethief)

DIY polymer clay box

DIY polymer clay box (via creatorsjoy)

DIY dip dye ribbon

DIY dip dye ribbon (via ruffledblog)

DIY chocolate bar wrappers

DIY chocolate bar wrappers (via idlewife)

DIY Valentine boxes

DIY Valentine boxes (via aspoonfulofsugardesigns)

DIY rose gift box

DIY rose gift box (via thedabblescrafter)

DIY paper rose gift tag

DIY paper rose gift tag (via ellinee)

DIY watercolor tags

DIY watercolor tags (via craftberrybush)

DIY polymer clay gift tags

DIY polymer clay gift tags (via happyhourprojects)

DIY vintage Valentine tags

DIY vintage Valentine tags (via omiyageblogs)

DIY prize wrap

DIY prize wrap (via thesweetestoccasion)

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