12 DIY Tiki Torches And Bug Repellent Lanterns

whiskey bottle tiki torches

whiskey bottle tiki torches (via sugarandcharm)

We’ve just told you about bug repellent candles for you to spend time outdoors with pleasure, and today we continue the bug-protection topic with tiki torches and bug repellent lanterns that will not only protect you from insects but also will add a cozy touch to your outdoor décor. Lanterns are mostly made of mason jars with citronella oil added to the fuel. The best idea to make a tiki torch is to use a wine bottle with the same filling as the mason jar. You can paint the bottle, decorate it with lace or burlap, or just take an antique one – that will add to your outside décor. Read the tutorials below and choose something for your patio or garden!

citronella mosquito lamps

citronella mosquito lamps (via diycozyhome)

wine bottle tiki torches

wine bottle tiki torches (via magazine)

vintage bottle tiki torches

vintage bottle tiki torches (via yeahvintage)

$4 tiki torch

$4 tiki torch (via apartmenttherapy)

tiki torch with aquarium gravel

tiki torch with aquarium gravel (via codyuncorked)

easy wine bottle torch

easy wine bottle torch (via gennamarie)

wine bottles tiki torches with crafting pebbles

wine bottles tiki torches with crafting pebbles (via armchairsommelier)

blue wine bottle tiki torch

blue wine bottle tiki torch (via randomtuesdays)

decorated tiki wine bottles

decorated tiki wine bottles (via glitterglueandpaint)

tiki torch tree

tiki torch tree (via instructables)

old glass bottles torches

old glass bottles torches (via greenlivingideas)

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