12 Adorable DIY Advent Christmas Trees

silver branches advent tree

silver branches advent tree (via villaoss)

An advent calendar is no big deal – many of us make such things for home. But an advent tree is an original idea! You can make one of wood, cardboard, felt, cranberry branches and many other things – even books! Such an idea is unique and if you have kids – they’ll be excited! If you don’t have much space, make a wall advent tree. Hang pretty little gifts on the tree – cookies, fruit, toys or some other things to enjoy every day before Christmas! A book advent tree is also a very interesting idea – it inspires reading. Look for more peculiar ideas below and Merry Christmas!

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branches in a tin can advent calendar

branches in a tin can advent calendar (via mayamade)

wooden tree advent calendar

wooden tree advent calendar (via nalleshouse)

cranberry branches advent tree

cranberry branches advent tree (via clonesnclowns)

wooden board advent tree

wooden board advent tree (via sugarandcharm)

modern tree advent calendar

modern tree advent calendar (via persialou)

LEGO advent tree

LEGO advent tree (via willowday)

wooden planks advent tree

wooden planks advent tree (via ivillage)

wall advent tree with snowflakes

wall advent tree with snowflakes (via littleredwindow)

wooden planks wall advent tree

wooden planks wall advent tree (via abeautifulmess)

books advent tree

books advent tree (via herecomethegirlsblog)

felt kids advent tree

felt kids advent tree (via americanfeltandcraft)

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