11 Various DIY Outdoor Ovens

cool outdoor oven

cool outdoor oven (via popularmechanics)

Outdoor meals are amazing! What can be better than gathering together with your family in the garden and cooking something like a barbecue or a pizza? You can communicate not only during the meal but also cooking together. For this you’ll need an outdoor oven, and this piece you can build yourself without any problems. Concrete and brick ovens are rather easy to build, you can make different shapes depending on what you are going to cook mostly. Oven, stove, grill in one is a great variant for various meals. Below you’ll find some more tutorials how to build an outdoor oven, choose and start making it!

barrel outdoor oven

barrel outdoor oven (via naturalbuildingblog)

outdoor brick oven

outdoor brick oven (via hgtv)

backyard bread oven

backyard bread oven (via grit)

big outdoor pizza oven

big outdoor pizza oven (via howtospecialist)

big brick pizza oven

big brick pizza oven (via rsvlts)

outdoor dome oven

outdoor dome oven (via thecobovenproject)

outdoor grill and smoker

outdoor grill and smoker (via motherearthnews)

cheap outdoor pizza oven

cheap outdoor pizza oven (via sustainablog)

earth oven

earth oven (via consensuslife)

French bake oven

French bake oven (via mha-net)