11 DIY Bug Repellent Candles To Keep Insects Away

summer citronella floating candles

summer citronella floating candles (via adventures-in-making)

Planning an outdoor party? Or just like to stay outdoors and enjoy fresh air? Then you need to keep mosquitoes away not to get bitten! An easy and cool way to do that is to make bug repellent candles, which are not only great to keep the bugs away but also great for décor. The main component for such candles is citronella oil, and then you can add whatever you like: different paints, fruit, flowers and so one – just for décor. A beautiful idea is to make a floating candle and highlight that it’s summer using fresh herbs, lemons and limes. Read the tutorials below to find out how to make these!

colorful citronella candles

colorful citronella candles (via https:)

blue mason jar bug repellent candles

blue mason jar bug repellent candles (via liliesandloafers)

citronella candles of old ones

citronella candles of old ones (via themakeyourownzone)

mosquito repellent candle

mosquito repellent candle (via herbalhealthcare-daw)

tin can citronella candles

tin can citronella candles (via gardentherapy)

beeswax citronella candles

beeswax citronella candles (via designsponge)

easy citronella candles

easy citronella candles (via pinsandprocrastination)

bucket repellent candles

bucket repellent candles (via littlehousebigheart)

scented floating citronella candles

scented floating citronella candles (via savvysugar)

soy wax citronella candles

soy wax citronella candles (via positivelysplendid)

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