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10 Original Tree Stumps Decor Ideas

You probably never realized how lucky you’d be if you find a tree stump? Tree stumps can be used for such many things and some manufacturers already produce furniture and items of decor made of them. Although most of these things you can make by yourself and we already have showed several such projects.

For example you can make a stool, a side table, a lamp, a vase and even a planter of a single tree stump. You can group several such things together and they will looks even better. Each of them will be unique. Check out these original decor ideas where tree stumps are used and choose your next DIY project from them.


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  1. Tatiana Says:

    That was so original, loved it!!
    Did reblog, it that ok?

  2. Tina Says:

    I love the tree stumps as side tables! Is there a process you go through to ensure they are dried out and free of pests?

  3. NAN Says:

    Love the web site. I think somewhere on this site I found a link to a site that sells logs, twigs, etc. Can you help me?

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