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10 Gorgeous In-Floor Bathtubs

In-Floor Bathtubs by Kasch

Lake In Floor Bathtub

Lake In-Floor Bathtub

In-floor bathtubs can make any bathroom a relaxing spa-like space. The in-floor design gives tubs a more luxurious and stylish appeal than traditional tubs have. Such design makes tubes easy to get in and out because there is no need to climb over and out of the standard tub. All in-floor bathtubs feature overflow systems that also can be integrated into the bathroom design very well. The gorgeous bathtubs presented on pictures are made by KÄSCH. Their installations can give you some idea what I’m talking about.

Source: kaesch

Oriental In Floor Bathtub

Oriental In-Floor Bathtub

Chi In Floor Bathtub

Chi In-Floor Bathtub

Float In Floor Bathtub

Float In-Floor Bathtub

Pond In Floor Bathtub

Pond In-Floor Bathtub

Wish In Floor Bathtub

Wish In-Floor Bathtub


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